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Top Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

With 2022 just a few weeks away, digital marketers are busy checking out new trends. In 2020, the pandemic caused a huge shift from traditional to online marketing, and now there is a noticeable change towards hybrid marketing. In some places, businesses have reopened, causing a sharp halt in their online engagement.

But what’s in store for businesses this year? What should marketers watch out for? According to industry leaders, the following will be the top trends to watch next year.

What Marketing Trends Do

Before we dive right in and reveal next year’s top marketing strategies, let’s first consider the importance of understanding marketing trends.

Marketing trends help marketers keep up with how customers check out products and services and make purchases. Trends allow marketers to stay updated with new consumer behaviors and preferences.

With the latest trends, strong marketers remain ahead of their competitors when it comes to understanding their target market. They can readily respond to different changes in the market to save time and money in the long run. In short, knowing the latest trends will help marketers stay relevant within the market.

Top Marketing Trends That Spell Success

Below are the top tactics and strategies that brands are expected to use in the coming year.

Influencer Marketing Will Become Very Common

More marketing professionals agree that the best strategy to use in 2022 is influencer marketing. They want to take advantage of influencers’ mastery of their preferred social media platform to market their brand. Influencers already have an engaged audience, people who are not just interested but influenced by the content they provide. Marketers that partner with influencers in their industries can expect better brand awareness and consumer connections.

Short But Sweet Video Marketing

Another effective marketing trend that’s sure to shine till next year is short video marketing. More and more global marketers use video shorts as their main content because it’s effective in engaging consumers. It is expected that more marketers will continue to use this platform to increase their reach and enhance their marketing strategies.

Video shorts use less bandwidth and work best for viewers who are pressed for time. Platforms like YouTube Shorts, Facebook Stories, and TikTok are just some of the best examples of this popular trend.

Get Into Mobile Optimization

People are spending more time on their smartphones than ever; no wonder half of the online web traffic is from smartphones and other mobile devices. Also, younger generations (millennials and Gen Z users that represent the largest percentage of mobile users) opt for devices with more power to provide more optimized experiences. Marketers should never overlook this huge opportunity to connect with more consumers.

Permanent vs. Ephemeral Social Media Content

Short videos and ephemeral content will remain one of the best trends next year, but some brands see the value of permanent social media content as well. Examples of permanent content are posts, live events, and videos that people can check out or watch later.

Marketers must consider the pros and cons of permanent and ephemeral social media content to find out which works best for their platforms. Marketers must also be critical about their brand voice as it needs to be channeled efficiently to their audience. Playing with a combination of permanent and short-lived content may also work with some brands.

Businesses Boost Social Responsibility

Currently, consumers are more likely to consider a brand that prioritizes social responsibility. People are now aware of workplace frustrations, industry inequalities, environmental impacts, and unfair workplace treatment and thus, they support only brands that show care for their employees, their customers, and the environment.

Companies will continue to use social media strategies to announce initiatives, special offers, and promotions. Brands will also use these platforms to show the causes that they support, highlighting their sense of social responsibility.

SEO To Improve Search Traffic

Marketers will continue to use SEO to make sure that their websites are easy to search and easy to discover by their target audience. SEO strategies are not new and have become a deeper part of many updated marketing campaigns.

SEO strategies will grow together with more opportunities for search optimization. There are new Google Algorithms available and SEO continues to be an essential ingredient in creating basic posts. Digital Authority Partners notes that brands will continue to invest in SEO and rely on SEO experts to optimize their content.

More Virtual Events and Conferences

There will be an increase in hybrid marketing techniques, especially those that allow consumers to engage in virtual conferences and events. It is expected that more marketers will invest in virtual events as many saw how efficient, effective, and safer online events were in 2020 and 2021.

Marketers don’t have plans to discontinue virtual events and marketing sessions. The latest polls suggest that despite a smaller budget, more marketers will invest in more virtual events in 2022.

Inbound Marketing to Grow Brands

Inbound marketing is all about creating content and user experiences tailored fit to your consumers. It aims to create connections and to solve problems that consumers already have. This type of marketing has been around for many years but new marketers say that they are willing to try it in 2022. Inbound marketing can help improve brand awareness and create trust online by using strategies to encourage customers to check out your content.

Increased VR and AR Use

Marketers used Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in 2021 to replace face-to-face customer interactions. These technologies will continue to increase next year. Also, many marketers who don’t use AR and VR plan to use these for the first time.

VR and AR aim to improve the overall customer experience. It may take time for companies to adopt these technologies because of expensive equipment, but these will certainly become more accessible once equipment and tools are readily available.

Final Words

With these top trends, marketing professionals can better understand their market and the ever-changing demands of consumers. Using the latest trends guarantees a fresh look at customer and competitor behaviors. Marketers can create fool-proof strategies to boost their brand and market their products or services with ease.

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