Top reasons to get rid of rodents from your Escondido home

Besides ants, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, and bed bugs, rodents are also common in Escondido and can be a matter of grave concern for homeowners. Mice and rats, in particular, can be a severe nuisance, and by the time you see one moving around in the kitchen or other parts of the house, the infestation is already at an alarming stage. You need to call Escondido mouse control services, and if you are wondering whether you should share your home with these rodents, here are some quick facts.

Mice & rats can spread diseases

These rodents have been known for passing diseases to humans, including hantavirus. If a mouse bites your family member, you will need to arrange for medical care without any delay. Many diseases associated with rats and mice are fatal for humans.

There are food contamination concerns

Rats are known for invading homes in search of food sources, and if you are not cautious with garbage and how you keep your kitchen clean, you are inviting an infestation. Contamination can lead to severe diseases, and you may never know how you have an upset stomach.

Property damage can be massive

Rats, in particular, are known for having teeth that allow them to chew through all sorts of things. Property damage can be a massive issue, and you may end up with gnawed electrical wires, which can pose additional risks. In the long run, the cost of these repairs can be much higher than what you pay for rodent control.

You may suffer from more allergies

If you have health issues such as asthma, you must be cautious about feces and urine left behind by these uninvited guests. People who are prone to allergies may also experience more flare-ups than usual, and because rats and mice are excellent at hiding, you may not notice signs of infestation right away.

Rodents can reproduce fast

Rats, mice, and many other rodents are known for being at reproducing, and you may end up with an advanced stage of pest infestation sooner than you think. You cannot expect these creatures to just leave your property, and professional assistance is a must.

Call the pest control experts now!

You must call the pest control experts when you notice any damage to drywalls, other belongings, and furniture. You should also check for unusual sounds at night and whether your garbage is being tampered with. You can always work with a team focusing on greener pest control strategies.

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