Types of Scaffolds and Their Uses

Scaffolds are temporary work surfaces elevated on construction sites to facilitate construction,repairs or maintenance of walls.They can also be used in cleaning of a structure.They consist of various sizes of planks depending on the area of use.

The commonly used scaffoldings are discussed below:

The trestle scaffolding

The first scaffolding type is the trestle scaffolding.This scaffold is limited to indoors taskslike repairs and painting.The trestle scaffolding is only five meters high and is supported by a tripod stand.This limits it to indoor use only.

The steel scaffolding

Secondly, we have the steel scaffolding. As the name suggests, it is made of steel tubes.It is very advantageous in that,it is fire resistant and more durable compared to others.Steel scaffolding is mainly used in outdoor construction and large structures.

The single scaffolding

The third scaffolding type is the single scaffolding.Theseareamong the oldest types of scaffolds. They are mainly used in brick masonry.It is made of standards,ledgers, and putlogs.Single scaffolding requires proper calculations in order to offer desired support.

The double scaffolding

Lastly,we have the double scaffolding, also known as the independent scaffolding. It is used in  stone masonry.Two scaffoldings are put together in order to create a steady structure for construction work.It can be made firmer by adding cross braces.

Why scaffolding is important during construction


Scaffolding ensures safety.It provides the safety of workers since it offers a safe setting for builders to carry out their tasks at any height.Scaffolds protect builders from falling as well.Working in construction sites comes with a lot of risks. The use of scaffolds ensures safety.

It also provides safe access to parts of the building that is been worked on.Scaffolding has been used to construct a number of tall and famous buildings in Kenya.Access to the top of such buildings has been made easier by the use of scaffolds.

With the value of life and health in consideration the scaffolding prices in Kenya are relatively worthy.


Scaffolding ensures efficient work by the builders,painters and other workers.Being able to access parts of a building that arehard to access gives room for efficient and admirable work.Using scaffolds also ensures shortest time frame to complete a project.


Scaffolding places workers in strategic position to carry out their work.It allowsmany workers to work simultaneously beside each other.This is impossible with the use of a ladder.This makes the worker’s job easy and efficient.

With ease comes efficiency, fun and time saving. The easier the job in question becomes, the faster it is to accomplish it.

In conclusion,scaffolding is the most efficient method to use during construction, repair or maintenance. It is ensures safety and efficiency . The scaffolder can use any scaffold hire batemans bay method depending on the type of job .It is a little bit expensive ,but considering the outcome of one’s project, it is worth it.

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