Understanding Social Media Listening and How It Can Help Improve Your Business

Social media has developed into more than just a communication and interaction network. It has grown into a medium where businesses can grow by advertising their products and communicating with customers. Marketers consistently try to understand how people feel about their brand, service, or products by tracking their sentiments. Fortunately, social media listening can help you monitor mentions and feedback on various social media channels.

What is Social Media Listening?

Social media listening is the process of continuously monitoring social media networks for mentions of your brand, products, competitors, and more necessary information to help you take a business action. It includes keeping an eye out for specific keywords, topics and analyzing conversations and interactions. Social media listening involves two major steps.

Step 1: Monitor

Track social media channels for any mentions of keywords related to your brand, business, products, services, or competitors.

Step 2: Action

Analyze the information you gather and take action. It can be something as big as an investigation or as small as rewarding an employee whose actions are reputable.

Social Media Monitoring vs. Social Media Listening

These two terms may appear like they mean the same thing, but they differ in crucial ways. Social media monitoring involves keeping track of mentions that require rapid responses. It is mainly done using a social media management tool such as NetBase Quid. Discovering negative statements on time helps businesses respond to issues to avoid bringing any harm to the brand.

Social media listening is gathering information from mentions and conversations on platforms to make business decisions. It is an ideal way for organizations to understand how people feel about their brand, competitors, and the overall industry. Social media monitoring gives you something that requires immediate action, while listening tells you what may have been its root cause.

How Can You Use Social Media Listening for Your Business?

Social media listening provides business owners with a lot of insight from various platforms. It is a way to find out what people are saying about you, making suggestions on improvements and what they want. The following are a few ways social media listening can help your business:

Honest Feedback

If you keep track of user-generated online opinions from your customers and people who have interacted with your content, you get honest feedback that you can take to heart. Among the genuine reviews, there may be some people bashing a service, product, or employee in your business that requires attention.

Engage With Customers

Customers sometimes tweet or post about a brand they have interacted with or make a customer service request. Social media is now a common way for people to reach out to businesses and brands. Social media listening allows you to discover these people and respond to their inquiries and feedback.

It can also help you discover a trend that relates to your brand and address it. Engaging your customers is a great way to create goodwill and strengthen loyalty and relationships.

Analyze Competitors

While knowing what people say about you on social media is essential for your business, knowing what they say about your competitors is excellent for decision-making. It helps you know precisely where you fit in the industry and how you can improve. You can also learn what your competitors are up to, such as launching marketing campaigns and new products.

Identify Brand Advocates

As you go through conversations with mentions of your brand, you can quickly identify individuals who can help you connect with more people. Brand advocates are mainly influencers with a large following or people who love what you do or offer and express it on social media.

Influencers can influence their followers to try out your product or services. People who praise your brand on social media platforms are natural advocators. You can approach some of them and find ways to collaborate.

Why Do You Need a Social Media Listening Platform?

NetBase Quid is a company that provides business owners with a platform to easily keep track of how they perform on social media networks. It helps you understand the perception of people towards your brand. This platform allows you to make more strategic and profitable business moves.

With the help of an efficient social media listening platform, you have the power to boost your business’ performance. Social media listening gets you the genuine truth about your products and services.

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