Various Types of Truck Pallets You Need to Know

A pallet truck is a trolley that is used in lifting and moving pallets from a warehouse or stockroom to a point where goods can be loaded onto trucks.

This article will focus on various types of pallet trucks one need to know.

Over the past several years, many industrieshave had their work done manually including lifting and moving goods from one place to another within a storage facility. With improved development in technology, the introduction of pallet truck trolleys has made work easier. Employees can work efficiently in the shortest time possible with less effort.

Several people only know about manual pallet trucks. There are many other types of pallet trucks as has been briefly explained below.

Manual hand pallet trucks

They are commonly found in most Kenyan industries and companies. It is most suitable for lifting and transporting goods to short destinations. They are available in several capacities of lift and fork lengths. One of the main pros of this kind of pallet truck is that it is cheaper compared to electric ones and is also easier to use as it doesn’t require any skills to operate.

Pedestrian electric pallet trucks

They are generally considered the upcoming category of pallet trucks in the industry. It minimizes most of the manual work because of its movement being electric. It comprises semi-electric machines that are driven by electric power. Thistype of pallet truck is most suitable for industries that produce large volumes of goods as well as with busy schedules.

Electric ride-on pallet truck

This is a pallet truck that is most suitable for moving goods over long distances. It is operated by a driver who ferries the load to its destination with less strain. It is mostly used in loading goods to trucks where the distance between the truck and a warehouse is far. It is efficient and time-saving. With this advancement, there has been a difference in pallet truck price in Kenya.

Compact and super compact pallet trucks

These are pallet trucks which operate efficiently in congested places. They are suitable for transporting packaged goods in either an open or sealed pallet over short destinations. It lifts goods of relatively large volumes in small to medium storage facilities. An operator only requires less effort and thus is efficient.

Shelf stocker pallet trucks

They are pedestrian pallet truck that offers lift that allows a pallet to be put at the best height for lifting goods to trucks and back to the pallet. They are ideal for industries with low intensity of order picking as well as those with low levels of stock replenishment. They are also ideal for indoor transportation since they allow proper load positioning.

Platform and doubleplatform pallet trucks

These are pallet trucks that are mostly used in warehouses with busy and demanding operations. They are equipped with an AC motor that makes performance efficient. It is relatively cost-effective and makes the loading and offloading process easier and more effective over both short and long distances. Its double stacker range makes it durable.


Pallet trucks vary in both their types as well as prices. Every customer will purchase the one that best suits his needs. However, one should consider all the factors before settling on an appropriate type of pallet truck.

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