Veritas Global Protection Covers More Than Just Your Car

Veritas Global Protection is known to be an industry leader in the vehicle protection plan industry. The company has grown fast over the last decade to become one of the top service providers in the United States. Innovation, focus on customer service, a wide product range, and competitive pricing are some key factors that have contributed to their success.

The company doesn’t just cover traditional cars, however. Veritas’s services include recreational vehicle protection and the powersport protection plans. With a broader range of coverage, consumers can protect more vehicles and have greater peace of mind.

RV Protection Plans

Recreational vehicles include motorhomes and travel trailers. Think of them as simply homes on wheels. They are perfect for weekend and holiday getaways with the family as they provide both transport and accommodation.

The question many consumers ask is, “Are RVs seen as homes or as vehicles?” Some may wonder if they need to buy home insurance or invest in car insurance. The answer is that an RV is both a home and a motor vehicle, so it can’t be treated like any vehicle or a house.

Motorhomes and travel trailers are also costly to repair. A single repair job may cost more than the service contract premiums. This is due to mobile homes’ unique designs. Fees often add up quickly, and consumers may wonder how to best protect their new purchase.

However, with Veritas Global REC Protection Plans, customers can be assured of receiving roadside assistance at any time, regardless of location. The company has trusted and reliable partners who are spread out throughout the country. Veritas offers emergency roadside assistance, concierge service, and emergency services at no added cost to the client.

Levels of RV Coverage

A couple sits in front of their RV in the woods, which Veritas Global Protection can protect

  1. i) Premier

This is a bumper-to-bumper protection plan for recreation vehicles. It covers almost every factory-installed component in the RV or travel trailer. Anything that’s not covered by the policy is listed under the exclusion clauses. For instance, oil changes and brake pad replacement are excluded from coverage.

Consumers must read their contract documents before signing anything to ensure they’re able to make informed decisions.

2. ii) Deluxe

This is the most popular RV protection plan as it is more affordable. It is an inclusionary protection plan, so it covers everything that is listed in the contract. This includes both the RV’s vehicle components, such as the engine block and power train. But it also includes the “home” parts: electrical systems, fridges and microwaves, and more.

These are all critical components that are known to fail occasionally. However, consumers should be careful and review all the components listed in their contract to ensure all the essentials they need are covered.

The rule of thumb is to buy the Premier plan if your RV does not have a manufacturer’s warranty. If consumers only want to protect certain items and save on premiums, they can purchase the Deluxe plan. Whichever plan is purchased, protection plan owners will enjoy free roadside assistance nationwide and get rental car coverage. Every vehicle protection plan that Veritas Global Protection offers is transferrable, so having a valid contract can increase the value of the motorhome when they want to sell.

Sport Plans

In addition to the RV protection plans, Veritas Global Protection also offers powersport protection plans. These plans cover motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, scooters, and personal watercraft. Powersport plans offer protection whether a vehicle is used daily or for recreation every once in a while.

These vehicles, just like all other machines, usually develop mechanical problems. This is a well-known trend in the industry. Parts wear out and break down all the time. Consumers shouldn’t wait until their vehicles develop major problems. Instead, they could pay for a powersport protection plan in advance to cover future mechanical failures. The potential savings may outweigh the cost of coverage.

Imagine having to fork over thousands of dollars to fix a snowmobile when it completely breaks down. Instead, consumers could spend a few hundred dollars on a powersport protection plan to absorb the huge repair bill. With a valid powersport protection plan in hand, owners can have peace of mind using their vehicle, whether it’s a scooter or snowmobile.

What the Powersport Protection Plan Covers

Whether a person owns a personal watercraft, snowmobile, or scooter, they can choose either the Sport Deluxe or the Sport Premier. The latter is an exclusionary policy offering comprehensive coverage for all vehicle components. The Sport Deluxe plan only covers the listed components.

Whichever plan is chosen, consumers will be happy to know that Veritas Global Protection offers nationwide coverage, which comes with free roadside assistance and rental car coverage. Additionally, these plans come with trip interruption coverage.

All plans are also transferrable, which means that if you sell the recreation or sports vehicle, the new owner will continue to enjoy all the benefits of the plan. This means that the value of a vehicle will increase considerably if consumers have a valid vehicle protection plan from Veritas Global Protection.

If consumers are worried about protecting their purchases, they can rest assured that there’s coverage for them. Veritas Global Protection can protect not just a traditional car, but motorcycles and ATVs. And if RV owners need coverage too, they can turn to Veritas for protection if parts wear out. Regardless of their needs, Veritas can assist them with plans tailored to their budget so that they can have peace of mind.

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