Want a Granite Kitchen Top, Useful Tips from Experts

Kitchen tops have been in existence since the late 20th century and with time there has been an evolution in terms of materials and designs that are innovated now and then. It is a counter built for work in the kitchen and other areas where there’s food preparation.

Granite is an igneous rock made of mica, feldspar, and quartz making it hard and crystal-like material. This makes it a suitable building stone.

Most people love to have a working platform that is, well, suitable to them and can allow them to work effectively. There has been a steady increase in recent years for houses with built-in kitchens and not only that but a kitchen with a working platform. This has necessitated the innovation of different types of countertops made of different materials and one of them is granite.

If you want to install a granite kitchen countertop as it is popularly known here are some of the considerations you need to put into place


What are your taste and preference? There is a vast and unlimited design to choose from ranging from a shiny finish to a matte look. This is an advantage when it comes to granite, you do not need to crack your head trying to imagine a suitable countertop for your kitchen. You just need to get into the store and choose one. Being in consultation with a fabricator and a professional installer concerning what, where and how you would like your countertop to be installed in your kitchen is important as this would help a lot in achieving a seamless look.


Most people if not everyone would like to have a working surface that is multipurpose. For this reason, granite kitchen tops are great. It is extraordinarily durable, and it holds up surprisingly well to most or all purposes e.g., rolling dough, however one must be careful not to put hot cooking pots or pans on it directly since an utmost or extreme change in temperature will destroy its appearance and probably cracks will form and this may be undesirable.

Durability and maintenance

Granite can endure for long because of its elements, it is hard in other words and can serve you for years but this does not mean it is unbreakable. The secret is in maintenance, sealing, and polishing help in preventing it from damages that may be caused by objects such as knives. If it is well and properly maintained, it can serve the intended purpose for a longer period.


Depending on what you want, the price is a determinant factor, granite has grade levels and grade 3 is said to be the finest and hence has the highest price. It can also be expensive to maintain putting into consideration the cost of repairs and replacements. Other factors that determine the price include color, the source of the stone, soft and hard minerals, patterns, and veining. It is important therefore to consider your budget.


This article is intended to shed light on what to consider when buying a granite countertop for your kitchen since there are different types of granite available on the market, and each has its unique features.

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