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What are steps for developing food delivery app?


Curious about the development of food delivery app?

Wandering for food station is an Orthodox custom nowadays this is the era of busy and hectic life even every passing second is precious.

Past decades were really difficult for foodies or those who wants to explore new taste, new dishes as they have to travel around or for the single parents or bachelors or students as they can’t manage both at a time nowadays online delivery is heaven for them they add ease to their life to greater extend.

If you are a willing to work for the foodies , those who are abortive to take out time for food. We are here to provide you the best suggestion. If you are finding delivery app developer click here.


Asking for requirement list:

This cycle starts with the list of required features provided by the customer to the developer.

This list may include:

  • Icons,
  • Language,
  • Domains,
  • System (Android, IPhone, Web).

Rechecking the list:

The app developer then recheck the provided list. In this step customer can add or subtract the requirements and the icons such as chat box, cart, etc.

App development:

The developer now code according to the requirements in appropriate language and platform.

Approval of sample:

After coding now developer ask the customer for the approval of the demo application. At this step customer can ask for the additional services in the app or can reduce the feature in which he/she has dissatisfactory or can ask for improvement.


Once the customer show satisfaction the application is finalized and ready for processes such as deployment and accessible for the target population.

These are the brief steps of development of application. The development of application depends on the:

  • Developer:

If he/she has command on the coding and the appropriate languages and platforms. The resulting product will highly depend on his or her expertise.

  • Platform:

On which platform the application is developed because it directly affect the accessibility and Targeted audience. Such as:

  1. For multi platform:
  2. React-Native,
  3. Flutter (Android studio).
  4. For single platform:
  5. React-JS (Android studio),
  6. Native.
  • Promotion:

Last but not the least and most important factor is promotion. How effectively customer promote and aware the target audience if the promotion is not effective enough all the hard work of developer and the investment of the customer goes in vain.

Some examples of the successful food delivery applications:


Effective since 2014.

Available in different continents.

Won the race in 2021 and became most used food delivery application in pandemic by their excellent services.

But faced little bit backlash because of charging a handsome amount for registrations.

It charged 15% of service fee.

Door dash:

Charge 7% of the service fee.

They give the best service to the smaller meals.

Never enforce the minimum order.

It is largest food delivery company in the United States.

Effective since 2013.

Grub hub:

It is an American based company.

Came into being in 2004.

They are not charge any Additional fees.

It is one of the oldest food delivery application.

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