What happens when a Slot Game Title is Discontinued? 

Sometimes a slot may randomly disappear from a casino site, this can be especially frustrating if said slot is a favourite amongst players. The main reason why a slot is taken down from a site is because it has been discontinued – play Wolf Gold slot.

Why do Slots Get Discontinued 

When a slot is discontinued, this means that the slot is no longer available for players to enjoy. There are a variety of reasons why slot games get discontinued, one of the main reasons is that the developer loses the licence of the theme which they have used for the slot. When Disney purchased Marvel Comics, many slot games which used Marvel characters were discontinued because of the anti gambling policy introduced at Disney in 2017. This can be especially frustrating for players. as often slots will be discontinued without any notice. Once a slot is discontinued, it is lost forever. There is no way to play a slot that has been discontinued, however there are often alternative slot games which are usually just as good. 

Discontinued Slots 

There have been many popular slot titles that have been discontinued over the years. The following are some of the most notable discontinued slot games. 

  •       Scarface – Based on the hit 80’s movie chronicling the rise and fall of Tony Montana, Scarface was the perfect theme for a slot game. Featuring all the excesses and glamour of the movie, players enjoyed the 80’s aesthetic mixed with the fun gameplay. Unfortunately, NetEnt soon discontinued Scarface. 
  •       The Avengers – Developed by Playtech, this slot was based on the hit movie franchise. It featured all the main characters as winning symbols on the reels, players would encounter characters such as Iron man and Captain America. What was really exciting about this slot was the nice progressive jackpot it offered players. 
  •       Wolverine – First debuting all the way back in 1974, the character of Wolverine soon became a massive hit for Marvel Comics. This slot theme takes its inspiration from the comic books rather than movie adaptations however it still managed to please fans thanks to the unique features such as the berserker rage reels special feature.

Alternative Slots 

Unfortunately, all the slots that have been previously listed are now discontinued. For players who are missing them, there are several alternative slots which can help to fill the void. 

  1. Narcos is a great alternative for Scarface, both slots have been developed by NetEnt and explore the rise and fall of characters involved in organised crime.
  2. Man of Steel can be a useful alternative for players who enjoyed The Avengers. Based on the blockbuster movie, all the characters are present on the reels.
  3. Batman serves as an alternative for Wolverine, this slot has been developed by NextGen and it is based on the exploits of the caped crusader This slot also has unique features for players to enjoy and a dark design, just like the Wolverine slot. 


There is nothing a player can do when a slot is discontinued, the best thing to do is look for an appropriate alternative.

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