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What is Email Verification & Why Does It Matter?

Many businesses put in a ton of effort to obtain lead information, particularly their email addresses. Emails are instant connections to leads that allow you to slow-drip content, offers, and newsletters their way until they are ready to convert while your sales team does the rest. Although, email collection can be problematic, especially when there’s something incentivizing users to share their information in addition to wanting to hear from your brand.

This means that there are certain emails on your list that you can’t use to connect with leads, making email verification essential. With the right email verification tools, you can verify emails for better leads. Using email verification tools can help you make your whole marketing and outreach plan leaner and effective. This allows you to focus on developing your business as your email service handles the rest.

What Does Email Verification Mean

Email verification is checking and authenticating emails that you have been given to make sure they are authentic and can connect you to a real email account of an individual or organization. It’s vital to verify emails one at a time as they come in before they enter your CRM. In case you have an email list you’ve never checked, it would be best if you run your list through. 

Most verification tools are designed to give you a health score of each email address that considers factors such as whether it’s a role-based email, how long it’s been dormant, if it’s valid or not, and the age of the email. Although this isn’t 100% foolproof, it helps you flag email addresses that might be worth looking into.

How Email Verification Works

Different verification tools have a distinct way of verifying emails; however, most of them follow this three-step process:

  • Syntax Check: This looks for things like invalid characters to rule out the possibility of your email being returned unopened
  • Domain Check: The domain check helps ensure the email address at the host domain actually exists. It also informs you if the email address is working and registered
  • Check for Email Ping: Checking an email’s ping is the most technical part of email verification. This sends a ping with an EHLO command to the email address to determine its active status. If the domain is temporarily down or dead, you are likely to get a negative ping

Most reasons for invalid email addresses are often benign, including switching to a new email provider, changing to a different job within their company, shifting to another company, or opening a separate account with the same provider.

Why Does Email Verification Matter

 Verifying your emails not only helps you send emails to real addresses but also provides you with the opportunity to enhance the performance of your email marketing with less effort. Verifying your email list has the following benefits:

Satisfactory Sender Reputation

Having a decent reputation with the public often gives rise to better word-of-mouth marketing. This helps you reel in more customers as you continue to build and expand your brand.

Internet providers usually award businesses with a higher sender reputation each time your emails go to an actual email address. A high score guarantees that your emails stay out of spam boxes and are easily accessible to your customers.

Enhanced Email Marketing ROI

A verified email list sets you in the inbox of your target market. This means that all the money you invested in email marketing will go to work instantly, and your emails will reach actual individuals who are prepared to become long-term customers.

Increased Open Rates

Sometimes people might not open your emails, and although this might drive you to question your content, it usually has nothing to do with it. There is a good chance you have some invalid emails in your list holding you back. By verifying your emails, you increase the chances of your email going to individuals who want to see your content.

Precise Analytic Data

 A verified email list offers you accurate and reliable data that you can utilize to enhance list performance. You will know your open and click rates are precise and not deflated as a result of invalid emails. This allows you to run A/B tests that accurately display your customers’ reactions; precise and accurate data is valuable data.

Consider Verifying Your Emails

Hanging on to irrelevant and dead email addresses clogs your contact list and does nothing to advance your business interests. Using a tool with a comprehensive, built-in email verification process allows you to put your money and energy where they will be productive. Now that you understand what email verification is, how it works, and its benefits, you can start eliminating high-risk addresses and use the additional information to identify your customers.

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