What is risk tolerance in trading?

“risk tolerance” refers to how much loss an investor can handle. Several factors influence risk tolerance. The investor will plan their portfolio and investment techniques based on risk tolerance. If a trader has a high-risk tolerance, he will adopt more high-risk investments and fewer low-risk investments.

The factors that influence risk tolerance are as follows:

Factors that Influence Risk Tolerance 


The timeline affects the risk tolerance. If there is more time, then high-risk investments can be adopted. If a trader needs money in five years, they will take less risk than if the same money is needed in ten years. Because the forex market is changing at any time, investors can lose their money.


Goals are different from one trader to another. Many traders trade for the sake of money, but money is not every trader’s dream. Similarly, the amount required to achieve a goal may be different from one trader to another, and the strategies of each trader also vary. Risk tolerance is also based on plans.


It is reported that young traders take more risks than older traders because younger traders can make more money and have more time than older investors.

Portfolio Dimensions

The portfolio size also influences risk tolerance. If the portfolio size is large, then the risk tolerance will be high. For example, if an investor has a $5 million portfolio, he will take less risk than the investor with a larger portfolio.

Investor apprehension

There is a comfort level for each investor. Some investors are comfortable with high-risk tolerance, while others have a low-risk tolerance. The forex market is volatile, and every investor has to face stress. So the risk tolerance directly depends on the comfort level of investors.

How to determine your risk tolerance

You can determine your risk tolerance by answering some questions.

  • What are your investment objectives? Do you want to trade for a long time, invest regularly and grow your income too? Or do you want to change for a short time and preserve your money for another investment? And what is the hot forex minimum deposit? These factors also influence our risk tolerance.
  • When do you need the money? If you want to cash in a short period, you will take less risk. For example, if an investor needs cash for a down payment on a home, he will choose to take less risk. If the investor wants to enjoy money during his retirement, he will be willing to take more risks.
  • What would you do if your portfolio lost 20% this year? However, this is the worst scenario. But what would you do if your profile lost 20%? Would you take out all your money or keep your money invested in the market and want to invest more money to generate a profit?

Final Thoughts

If you want to invest in the Forex market, it is very important to determine your risk tolerance. It would help to estimate your risk tolerance with time because this factor will change with time.

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