What to consider when Selecting Safety Boots

Safety boots are shoes with a reinforcement top cap to reduce or minimize injuries on foot that can be caused by dropped objects; a shoe without sole made of material incapable of sparking.

Foot injuries were something common among many workers for many years. This scared up many from working in those fields. It was until the development of the safety boots that came for the rescue of workers. When working in these sites, you should consider the safety of your feet by purchasing dependable boots.


The safety boots are made of breathable cow leather, steel toe cap, rubber sole which is anti-slip, water resistant material on the upper part and heat resistant outsole. They are also unisex, shock absorbent, sandwich mask which is breathable, midsole made of steel to prevent penetration of sharp items, the outsole has cold and heat insulation, and they are certified.

Product and pricing

Safety boots price in Kenya is affordable and comes in different prices depending on the sizes which are mostly 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44 in UD, and 7, 8, 9, 10 in UK. The pricing also depends on the material and country of origin of the safety boot. They come for different fields of operation like for fire fighters, welders, constructors or assemblers; this has effects on price of the boots.


They come in many styles, including clogs, dress shoes and sneakers, others being quite formal. The formal ones are mainly for supervisors who visit sites where the condition of the site requires protective footwear.

Steel toecaps are durable and have a reinforcement that is protective to the foot from the falling objects or from compression. These boots are effective for workers’ safety of feet from heavy and sharp objects while working in industries and factories.

Certified safety boots are important in manufacturing and construction factories. The reinforcement was traditionally made from steel but now it can be made from composite material or other special plastics like aluminum. Health legislation may require the use of safety boots in some settings.

Considering the benefits that come along with the boots, we can say their prices are fair, and the fact that they are not prone to wear and tear easily means that you get to save on buying working shoes from time to time


Boots made of steel are generally heavy which might end up making the worker feet too tired.

Steel boots can lead to severe crushing of the feet in the extreme of conditions. For instance when something heavier falls on the food leading to crushing of the steel


The use of safety boots in industries and factories is mandatory for the safety of the workers feet as well as supervisors. The industries’ management should prioritize the safety of their worker by providing them with safety boots for a smooth planning and productivity of their industry/factory. Workers also must take the responsibility of safeguarding their feet by purchasing the safety boots and using them while at work. For more, visit

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