What to Consider When Setting Up an Office Pod

Your type of working space determines your productivity and efficiency. If you have been struggling with distraction in the office, perhaps it’s time to consider putting up a private space. A choice worth considering is a pod; these offer lots of flexibility and will allow you to accomplish tasks with ease. Again, you’ll get various designs and sizes in the market.

Do I need an office pod?

An office pod offers numerous benefits to your business or office. It keeps off distractions that could otherwise affect your productivity. A pod offers ample private space, allowing you to make calls or hold private discussions. These units are handy when you want space and time to focus on critical tasks.

Fusion Office Design offers office pods in varied sizes and materials. The colors also vary, and your options are endless. You can choose from the many available styles to create a unique space in your office. These units will add that distinct look to an open-plan office.

They are good at blocking noise and will ensure privacy no matter your surroundings. Therefore, they make excellent options for offices in busy settings or urban areas. Office pods will help minimize noise by creating a peaceful working environment.

What are the considerations to make when putting up an office pod?

1. Location

Location is perhaps the most important consideration when putting up an office pod. You need the unit for various reasons, and it should be strategically located to cater to the needs of your staff. You then should be smart about the placement. For instance, the best location should allow all workers easy access to the pod. And this makes it critical to put it at the center of your office or open space.

2. Size

Pods come in varying sizes. Your choice should match your existing space and needs. For instance, you need a bigger unit if you plan to hold meetings in your pod. However, this may not be ideal if you have minimal space. It’s advisable to take accurate measurements or engage an expert to help you determine the right size for your office needs.

3. Furniture

Privacy pods are a way of enhancing comfort and privacy in the office. They help improve efficiency in your office, and comfort is critical. Therefore your choice of furniture will determine the functionality of your unit. For instance, high-quality desks and ergonomic chairs will complete your space. They will improve the visual appeal of your office, making it stand out.

The material also matters; you’ll get office pods in various materials. These include;

  • Woodgrain
  • Laminate finishes
  • Bespoke films
  • Markerboards
  • Acoustic panels

Your choice of material should offer the needed privacy and match your workplace decor.

The bottom line

There are various aspects to consider when putting up an office pod. The location, size, material, and cost are vital considerations to make. Your unit should also match your needs and should be of high quality. This will save a lot of money for repairs or replacement.

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