When should you hire an employment attorney?

Starting a business and a company involves a lot of aspects. Some are usually undemanding, like getting employees. Other elements are complex and comprehensive, such as the benefits and rights of each of your workers- This is where employment law professionals such as Toronto employment lawyers come in.

Employment lawyers offer insight into and expert advice on some of the most crucial business matters. The lawyer provides customized services by getting to know your business thoroughly and identifying areas that may cause potential problems for and your business.

Additionally, Employment attorneys help both employees on the state and federal employment statutes. The lawyers ensure that employees are treated consistently and fairly by their employers.

Portland employment attorney can help with wage law issues, guidance on employees’ rights, draft and review employee handbooks and represent employers before the Employment Commission.

Employment attorneys deal with employment-related legal issues, such as:

  • Protection of whistleblower
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination at workplace
  • Violation of contract

Some attorneys represent union-less and powerless employees in circumstances where employers have committed illegal actions that disadvantage employees. It is always advisable to contact an employment lawyer immediately you notice an issue

When should an employee hire an employment attorney?

An employer can carry out many unlawful actions that disadvantage the employees. An employee should seek the services of an employment attorney in case of the following;

  • Being coerced to sign an agreement that waives your rights
  • Harassment, retaliation, or discrimination by your employer
  • Violation of federal or state laws meant to protect you by your employer
  • Illegal firing or termination of employment by your employer
  • Failure by your employer to give benefits as per the employment contract.

It is always advisable to contact an employment lawyer immediately you notice an issue. If you delay, it ruins your chances of recovering damages.

When should an employer hire an Employment Lawyer?

An experienced employment attorney can assist an employer with various employment and labor issues. Most employment lawyers educate employers on federal and state laws to ensure employers comply with those laws.

As an employee, you should hire an employment attorney if:

  • You want to fire or layoff a large a significant number of employees, change the current pension scheme you are offering or, end an employee benefit
  • You require representation during collective negotiations
  • An employee has a cause of action against you for an employment-related matter
  • Your employee has filed a harassment or discrimination complaint against you

Moreover, an experienced employment lawyer can also help you with issues other than employer-employee disputes.

What is the cost of hiring an employment attorney?

The cost varies depending on factors related to the lawyer’s expertise and the nature of your case. In most cases, lawyers charge according to one of the following fee schedules: Contingency fee, Flat fees, and Hourly rates.

  • Contingent fees:In this case, lawyers charge out from the court action proceeds to succeed. Usually, lawyers receive a predetermined fraction of the court award or final settlement.
  • Flat fees:in some cases, attorneys go for a flat fee for less complicated issues, like the power of attorney, simple wills, or an uncontested divorce. 
  • Hourly rates:Many lawyers charge for cases as per the set hourly rate.

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