Why You Need To Hire A Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

The law takes child abuse allegations seriously. On the other hand, the media and the public are unforgiving of child abuse offenders. Unsubstantiated allegations make it impossible to win over child abuse accusations. Hiring a child abuse defense attorney is the only way out when the harsh reality comes calling.

What is child abuse?

Child abuse is any behavior or conduct that makes the child vulnerable or places them in a place where they can get harmed. Child abuse can be physical or emotional. Neglecting the child is also a form of child abuse. A caregiver may refuse to provide basic needs such as food, shelter, education, clothing or education. Child welfare agencies can get evidence of child abuse from eyewitnesses, child’s testimony, video footage or medical reports. Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse against children is punishable by law.

 What is physical abuse?

Physical abuse is any action that can inflict pain or injury on the child’s body. The injuries can be minor such as bruises, or severe such as burns and fractures. At times the caregiver can accidentally or intentionally;

  • Hit the child with an object, such as a belt, and leave a mark
  • Pinch a child so hard that an injury forms on the body
  • Burning a child using a cigarette, lighter or stove burner
  • Biting the child so hard to break the skin
  • Knocking the child against a hard surface
  • Chocking, kicking or punching

Emotional abuse

The child’s emotional disturbances evidence psychological abuse. A caregiver can humiliate, terrorize or demean a child in various ways, including:

  • Name-calling, which demeans a child
  • Repeatedly telling a child that they’re a mistake, idiots or worthless
  • Telling the child that they should never have been born
  • Threatening the child with physical abuse

Sexual abuse

Children cannot make the right decision concerning any sexual act. Therefore, coercing, tricking or bribing a child for sex is punishable by law. A person can be accused of sexually abusing a child if they

  • Touch a child improperly
  • Shares pornography images with a child
  • Entice a child to engage sexually
  • Engages a child in an explicit sexual act

How can a child abuse attorney help?

A child abuse attorney teams with investigators to scrutinize the evidence presented in court. The lawyer may also use their resources to obtain forensic evidence to prove innocence. Your lawyer’s duty is to develop a case that disapproves of the allegations against you or negotiate punishment terms allowing the client to enroll for rehabilitation.

Child abuse accusations can damage one’s reputation and lead to job loss. Therefore, a child abuse attorney helps to redeem an offender’s reputation and restore their life back to normal.

A child abuse offender is likely prohibited from working in setups where there are children. It can also have an effect on the offender’s ability to adopt a child, or run a child welfare institution.


Child abuse can be physical, emotional, or sexual. It can also be termed neglect when a caregiver fails to protect the child from imminent danger. Failure to provide basic education is also punishable by law. Hiring a lawyer can help you challenge the evidence given against you. It can also help you settle for a lesser penalty to redeem your name.

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