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Your Guide To Taking Product Launches Online

Developing a product launch plan is equally important as building the product itself. Once your product is ready for the audience, creating hype around the product launch is crucial, otherwise you may fall short of reaching the bigger audience. 

Just because in-person events are not an option these days doesn’t mean you can’t launch your product for your audience at all. 

There are many ways of launching your product, but the one technique that has been successful over the last year is through the product launch software. With your laptop, your team, and a great internet connectivity, you can launch your product from your homes. 

Our guide will help you utilize the virtual platforms, plan for the launch, strategically reach your audience, and help you lay down a follow-up technique. So, if you are looking for more information on ways to launch your product, then don’t stop reading this post. 

Choosing the right virtual platform for your product launch

We understand that there are many virtual event platforms in the market, and we have come across clients who choose the not-so-correct virtual platforms for their business. As there are many options in the market, and the basics of every virtual platform are the same, people often misjudge in choosing the ‘right’ platform for themselves. 

Yoru virtual event platform is the crucial technology you will need during these heavily attended product launches. So, make a wiser choice by learning this technique with our post above. 

Otherwise, Goldcast is an easy to use virtual event platform that suits product launches and helps you conduct online events hassle-free. With Goldcast, you can make a fully customized and branded launch event, track the attendees’ data, generate insights, and benefit your marketing and sales team with analytics.  

Creating an extraordinary virtual experience

We all know that virtual events are not as interactive as in-person events, but the latest technologies and the advent of interactive virtual platforms have bridged the gap wonderfully.

Now that the virtual event platforms are capable of creating an interactive experience, it is up to you to strategically plan for exceptional virtual experience. 

Partnering with the right guests and influencers for your audience. The important aspect when creating an exceptional experience is your choice of your guests or speakers. Look out for influencers in the industry who are recognised and loved. 

Include elements of interest in the virtual event and make sure to keep these elements a surprise. Change the way you present your slides and make it as interactive as possible. Don’t go overboard with the timelines and avoid keeping the session monotonous. 

Remember, Steve Jobs always ended his Apple launches with a surprise element by saying, “There is one more thing….” 

Make it memorable

Apart from the surprise element, you must always try to include nit-bits of memorable and happy elements into your virtual events. Your audience not just connects with you over the surprise you reveal, but also the hospitality and engagement you provide all throughout the event. 

During in-person events, making an event memorable was not an arduous task, but during virtual events, making the event memorable is largely possible because of your virtual event platform. 

Yes, you read that right!

Your robust virtual event platform can empower you with features which help you in making the process memorable and exciting. Example, you can create small breakout sessions, live polls, live Q&As, and interactive mobile application experience. 

You can utilize these features to the fullest in making the event memorable. You can conduct polls every 20 minutes or 30 minutes, you can send your audience to multiple breakout rooms either to interact or play games, or speak on some interesting topic for 5 minutes and then get your audience back to the slides. 

And these are just suggestions. With a great virtual event platform, you can create a memorable experience for your audience to come back to your events every time your host one. 

Scheduling your product launch event

Amid the pandemic, as people dwell in the thoughts of the grave situations, it is important that we reach the correct audience at the correct time. If you reach an audience from international countries but don’t conduct the event as per their time, you will lose a significant number of attendees. So, make sure that the time of the product launch is carefully fixed. 

Avoid choosing dates when there are other subsequent events happening online from the same industry. You don’t want to risk losing your attendees to other virtual events. 

Also conduct your product launch event at least two weeks prior to the product release to create hype during the virtual event. Try to get early registrants for your product during the product launch event. 

Make sure your marketing team is at the forefront ready with techniques to reach the audience, let be two weeks prior, a few days prior, or on the day of the event. If you miss reaching your audience and intriguing them to attend the event, then you are at a loss. 

Be online

Social media is a great way to keep the hype going and engage with the community. Since your event is conducted online, don’t miss on reaching out to the registrants online. Encourage conversation and interactions, post useful content, conduct contests, and keep that buzz moving until the day of the product launch. 

Following-up is necessary

Just because your product launch event is over, doesn’t mean your marketing efforts are complete. You must learn to nurture your leads, convert them to customers, intrigue them to stay connected with your brand, attend future events, and be a loyal participant. 

Effective post event strategies would be email drip campaigns, social media posts, and community building. 

And while you are following-up with them, make sure to keep your eyes on the analytics and insights to gather more useful information and reach undiscovered audiences. 

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Start planning for the product launch today 

Now you know what goes behind planning a virtual product launch, how to launch a product virtually, step-by-step process to strategize your product launch, and how to get more eyeballs looking and attending that exciting product launch. 

To ensure that you are successful at your product launch, use a trustworthy, multi-feature, and robust virtual event platform. 

The virtual event platform aids everything that you do to plan your virtual product launch. The more supportive your choice is, the better experience you can create during the virtual product launch.

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