3 Smart Solutions for Every Startup

When you’re starting your own business, it’s easy to feel like an army of one. After all, you’re probably working with limited resources, a small staff, and minimal space. With that in mind, you have to be adaptable and dedicated if you truly want to succeed. Oftentimes, this means investing in the right business services that can help you scale sooner and more efficiently.

Whether you’re choosing a new software platform that can bolster your digital marketing efforts or you want a way to speed up your internal project quoting process, here are a few ways to empower your startup.

1. A CPQ solution helps streamline quoting.

There’s quite a bit of back-and-forth during the sales process. When you need to configure and price accurate quotes, invoices may pass from the sales team to the vendor and back again to tidy up the margins, ensure customer satisfaction, and handle complex products. Naturally, if you’re like most business owners, you understand that time equals money. When your price quotes pass between the sales team to the vendor and between your sales reps, it slows you down, costs you time, and loses you money. Not to mention the opportunity for human error. That’s why so many brands depend on CPQ (configure price quote) platforms to streamline the general sales process.

When you invest in a top CPQ solution, you’re investing in the right product to bolster your current sales process. This means that your sales reps can conduct smoother sales and speed up price quotes with the help of a multifaceted software solution. This benefits reps, vendors, buyers, and sellers alike and can help connect individuals to the right product at the right price.

2. Check printer services make payments easier.

Whether you’re handling personal checks or you need to print checks for payday, it’s a great idea to invest in a check printing service. You can connect your payment workflow, account numbers, and financial information to mail checks, authorize payments, and review historical data. Some services even provide additional direct deposit options that help you connect to a bank account.

Many small businesses don’t have the resources to print business checks but understand that personal checks won’t work for specific legal reasons. By connecting with a check printer or salesperson, you can learn more about check services and add-on functions.

While you’re at it, you can also consider outsourced accounting services. Some accounting brands provide same-business-day service and address payment issues, order processes, and financial analytics to help you make the most of your revenue streams and cash flow. This can help get your finances and your business goals in alignment and benefit your bottom line.

3. Consider a marketing automation platform.

If you’re interested in bumping up your bottom line, attracting new customers, and scaling your business, you should consider investing in marketing automation. When you have a limited team, it’s often wise to prioritize salespeople over marketers. However, both are especially important to the customer experience and your sales cycle. As such, if you’re able to offload regular, mundane marketing tasks and automate components of your workflow, it can greatly empower your brand and free up resources to focus on business growth and expansion.

Even when you scale your brand to a size that’s compatible with an in-house marketing team, you may still want to retain control of your marketing automation platform. It can benefit your marketers and provide stronger data analytics that helps you make effective business decisions. But, again, this is ideal for any business ecosystem, and the right functions can help a startup grow.

Whether you’re selecting a CPQ platform, a CRM platform, or a check printer, the right products can empower startups and help them expand their brands.

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