3 tips for learning japanese online vs. in-person!

While discovering a new language, you may be torn between using a web-based program and using an in-person traditional classroom setting. Let’s see some tips that may sway your decision to study a language through web-based tutoring and classes instead of going into a physical classroom!

3 tips for learning japanese online vs. in-person learning!

If you have decided to proceed with learning Japanese online through a web-based learning platform, you may have decided to do so due to the versatility and flexibility of learning from the comfort of your own home, see more at Preply. However, some people find it most effective to learn in a classroom setting where they are forced to pay attention and work with other people.

Let’s see the benefits and differences of learning Japanese online vs. in-person!

Flexibility to find the right teacher for your time and style

If you find that you have never related with teachers who work in public schools to teach you lessons and new languages, you may benefit from a different teaching style. Since everyone learns differently, you may find that taking Japanese online is more effective for you than through in-person learning.

One of the key differences between online and in-person in a classroom is flexibility. You can choose your own teacher, your own course, and your timing to make sure it works for your lifestyle and daily schedule. When you are learning a language in person, you are forced to only learn with the specific teacher at the classroom times.

One of the main tips of learning online is to choose a date and time that works for you per week. Make sure you stick with the date and time to ensure you remain committed to learning this new language.

Choose the right price for you

Since in-classroom learning can sometimes be cheaper than online learning, you need to make sure you find a course or teacher that provides the right price and cost for your needs. If you are struggling to make ends meet but want to learn Japanese online, you need to find a tutor that can work with your hourly or weekly rate.

Typically, language schools tend to be more expensive on a  cost-per-session basis, since they include taxes, staffing, and benefits. However, you need to compare local community colleges for learning Japanese when compared to online learning to see what pricing structure works best for you.


You want to build a good relationship with your online teacher – and the same goes for in-person learning. However, with in-person learning, you are going to see this teacher every day. With online learning, you still need to put effort into making sure you respect your teachers and your teacher respects you in return.


When learning Japanese online, you need to take some tips into account before choosing the right course or tutor for you. Make sure you find the right price so you don’t overspend, you build a good relationship with your teacher, and you work with your own schedule so that you can remain committed to long-term learning.

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