4 Shower Filters That Everyone Should Know About 

Water running through your showerhead might not be as clean as you would imagine and like it to be; this is because there are impurities on a microscopic level that are not visible to the naked eye. So it may seem like you are showering with excellent, healthy, clean water. However, that very same water may be damaging your skin and hair. Therefore, shower filters are increasingly becoming a necessity. Continue reading to find out the kinds of shower filters that you should know about. 

In-line Shower Filters 

In-line shower filters or in-line shower head filters are the type of filters that have a tiny barrel-like look, and they can directly be attached to the pipes behind your shower head. It works by being screwed onto the pipe.

This type of filter ensures that unwanted bacteria and microscopic substances do not penetrate through your shower. It contains carbon, sulfate, vitamin C, and ceramic balls. These and the silver used in these filters aid in eliminating the bacteria that may pass through your showerhead. In addition, these filters are easy to manage and maintain. 

Multi-level Carbon Filters 

Multi-level carbon filters contain many layers of carbon to remove and eliminate bacteria, dirt, and any unwanted substances such as lead and fluoride that may seep through your shower head. Each carbon layer acts as a filtration system.

The water runs through layer by layer, removing any contaminant and even foul odors. It is an inexpensive purchase; however, one drawback is that the layers get weaker and weaker each time hot water passes through it. 

Vitamin C Filters 

Although popularly and widely debated regarding its efficacy, vitamin C filters are a good way of getting rid of any excess chlorine and toxins that may come with the water through your shower head. The vitamin C present in these filters neutralizes the water’s chlorine, which can be dangerous for your health.

These filters work by removing the chlorine from the water and simultaneously adding essential nutrients through the vitamin C pellets that it contains. Vitamin C also helps with your skin and hair, keeping it healthy and safe as it builds collagen.

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion Filters 

Kinetic degradation fluxion or KDF filters are an excellent option for removing toxins from your shower headwater. The KDF filter consists of a combination of copper and zinc. These aid in eliminating unwanted metals, hydrogen sulfide, and excess chlorine from the water through redox.

The kinetic degradation fluxion filters transfer electrons to the toxic components, ultimately changing their chemical composition entirely. Although a little expensive, it is still an affordable option.

Summing it Up

There is a range of filters available; however, many things and considerations must be kept in mind when choosing a showerhead filter. When selecting a filter, you must remember that the efficacy depends on how long they last and how effectively they can filter out the toxic elements in the water.

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