5 Best Hidden Gems Of Boston

Boston is one of the best cities to explore in the United States.  There are many things to do and places to visit in Boston which can make your trip memorable. June to September is the best time to visit Boston due to excellent weather conditions. We will give you a few important tips for Boston travel and give you the best hidden gems of Boston.

Getting Around in Boston

There are many options for getting around in Boston. Subway, buses, taxis and ferries. Subway refers to “T” and you can find the stop everywhere in the city area. Getting around by walking in the city center is also the best idea. Private Hop on Hop Off trolley tour is also available to see all tourist attractions in Boston. Commuter rail is also an option to visit different spots in Boston. You can also buy a one day pass with which you can travel unlimited in the subway, local bus and silver line.

Luggage Storage Boston

When you travel with luggage, it is difficult to explore all the places easily. Also, you get tired with heavy bags on your shoulders. If you are travelling to Boston then the best option is to leave all your bags at luggage storage Boston by Cubby which are available through the city. You can get Cubby’s secure luggage storage location at walking distance from all the tourist attractions.

Hidden Gems of Boston

Here are the best hidden gems of Boston.


If you love to wear sneakers then Bodega is one of the best stores to buy them. It is one of the best hidden gems of Boston. This site is a hidden site on the clearway street of Boston. They have a good collection of shoes, shoes, shirts and other fashion accessories. You can visit their website to have a look at their collections.

Grolier Poetry

Another hidden gem of Boston is Grolier Poetry. It is located on Plympton Street in Cambridge. This literature shop was opened in 1927. This shop organises poetry events. Also, sells works and literature written by poets. The Grolier Poetry is under new management from 2006. If you have interest in literature then you should visit this shop once.

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The Museum of Bad Art

To see stunning artworks you must visit this museum during your Boston trip. This is a special gallery that you will not find anywhere. It exhibits art collections that are not popular or no one has appreciated before. The museum is currently closed but you can include it in your future visit. 

Skinny House

The skinny house is situated in the North End of Boston. It is the narrowest house in Boston. This 4 story house is 6 feet narrow at one point. You can not go inside as people live here. But, you can visit this amazing house from outside and take a few pictures to make memories. The house is only a few blocks from the popular tourist spots of North End. So visit it when you are in Boston.

We hope you will visit all these hidden gems of Boston during your Boston trip.

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