5 Common Birth Injuries to Mothers Reported in Louisville

Birthing a baby can be quite a life-changing experience. It’s not surprising to learn that birthing can be a rough one! Unfortunately, some accidents happen during childbirth, and leave mommies with a painful reminder of what happened. Such injuries can sometimes have a long-term impact on the mothers, especially if not given property immediate care.

Sometimes, these injuries can be a result of negligence on the side of medical professionals. And if that is the case, it is necessary to speak to a birth injury attorney in Louisville and understand the legal aspects of the situation. You can read more here about the common birth injuries to mothers reported in Louisville.

  • Vaginal tears

One of the most common injuries suffered during childbirth is the vaginal tear. These tears occur because of a sudden change in pressure caused by a baby moving during birth. Due to this increased pain, many women feel fear and experience shock that can make them want to push as soon as they feel something move but they may be too scared to pull their baby out.

  • Broken bones

During childbirth, the bones are especially vulnerable because of the extra pressure that is placed upon them during labor. This can cause broken bones such as the pelvis, ribs, and hip, just to name a few. These injuries are extremely treatable and can be avoided if proper care is given during childbirth. 

  • Uterine rupture

Another serious medical issue is uterine rupture, which can have devastating effects. It happens when the tissue around the uterus is damaged or torn as a result of high-force birthing or the large size of the baby. As this damage occurs, it may result in hemorrhage and even death.

  • Uterine inversion

The most serious of all childbirth injuries, a uterine inversion occurs when the uterus turns inside out. This is a life-threatening birth injury that must be handled with extreme care. The mother’s life may be at stake. However, when uterine inversion occurs, there are several options for doctors, ranging from abdominal surgery, reinserting the uterus, and hysterectomy.

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

Another birth injury that must be handled with care is a pelvic organ prolapse, which occurs when the organs in the pelvis, such as the uterus and bladder, move down to the vagina. This is one of the most common injuries during childbirth and can result in urinary, bowel, or sexual dysfunction.

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