5 Metrics To Analyze of Influencer Profiles

Have you been thinking about creating an influencer marketing campaign, but you’re not sure what to look for in influencers? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

With 8 out of 10 consumers purchasing something after seeing it recommended by an influencer, it’s no wonder that you’re considering getting involved in the industry. However, don’t jump ahead too quickly, as careful planning is what will lead to the best results. Keep reading to find out more.

Finding influencers

Before you’re ready to analyze influencer profiles, you’ll of course be needing to find them first. So, we’ll briefly cover the best ways to do this. There’s three main ways to find influencers, and which one you choose will depend on your goals and your budget.


The first option would be to do a manual search, directly on the social media platform that you aim to commence a campaign on. This method can be a little tricky when it comes to analyzing profiles, but may be entirely suitable for your search.

The benefit of searching this way, is that it is completely free and fully within your own control. However, the downside is that it can be pretty time-consuming, especially if you’re searching for more than just a few influencers.

There are a few tips to help your search, by looking for influencers in:

  • your comments section
  • your likes
  • your followers
  • your brand tags and mentions

Influencer marketing platform

Signing up for an influencer marketing platform is probably the most effective method for influencer campaigns. Many platforms offer different price plans, often including a free option, making them affordable for all budgets.

With an influencer marketing platform like Heepsy, you can look for influencers to suit your campaign by searching through specific filters such as location, category, and demographics. This will save your business a lot of time and labour by being able to quickly narrow down your search.

One of the best things about an influencer marketing platform is being able to analyze the profiles in detail, creating lists to compare influencer stats. But, more on that in a moment.


The third option would be to hire an agency to conduct your influencer campaign for you. Agencies can create exceptional influencer campaigns however, this comes at a cost. If you have a big budget, then it’s worth considering.

The only downside of this method is that it typically means that control is fully passed over to the agency, with little input from your brand along the way.

Importance of analyzing influencer profiles

Now that we’ve covered the best ways to find influencers, let’s get right down to how to analyze their profiles. This is possibly the most important step of your campaign. What will set your campaign apart from others, is finding the perfect influencers for your brand. This means finding those that align well with your brand’s value and missions, as well as matching up audience’s.

We are going to take a look at the data from some Instagram influencers on Heepsy for these examples.

Follower growth

Firstly, you should be taking a look at follower growth rate over time. Although follower count isn’t necessarily important, it’s a good idea to look at how an influencer’s followers have increased or decreased over time.

You’ll want to look out for a steady increase in followers. There should be little to no sudden dips or rises in followers. This could indicate behaviour that would resemble buying followers.

However, it’s important to note that sometimes this can come from content that requires a follow in order to enter a giveaway, for example. So, be sure to take a look into this if that’s the case.

Engagement rates

The next stat that I would suggest analyzing is engagement rates. This is so important when it comes to influencer marketing, as this is what will show you how interested an audience is in an influencer’s content. Realistically, although reach may be a priority for you, it’s pretty useless if the consumers are not going to be interested in your product that is being promoted.

You should be aiming to find influencers with high engagement rates. This will indicate a good relationship between the influencer and their followers. If their followers trust their opinions and comments, then they will be more likely to take product recommendations from the influencer.

Likes and comments

Analyzing the likes and comments on an influencer’s content is another way to establish the audience’s interest. Take a look at the type of comments that are on their various types of posts. Do they seem natural? Are they asking questions about the products? Are they fan accounts?

This is also a good way of determining whether the influencer has been involved in purchasing their likes and/or comments. Even better, with an influencer marketing platform you can see a likes to comments ratio. If there is a big difference between their likes and comments, then it could be a sign of the influencer buying them.

Audience demographics

Something that you should be prioritizing in your campaign planning is the match of an influencer’s audience to that of your brand’s target audience. At the end of the day, if your brand sells skincare products, then you’re best to have them promoted to consumers interested in beauty and skincare, right?

With Heepsy, you can access audience demographic information such as location, age range, language, and interests. Although an influencer may be from a specific category and demographic, this isn’t to say that their audience will be too. So, be sure to check out this data!

Audience insights

Finally, you should be assessing the authenticity metrics of an influencer’s profile. Again, this will be particularly hard to do without the help of an influencer platform. However, you can watch out for some of the suspicious characteristics that we have discussed above.

With Heepsy, you can assess audience authenticity by seeing an estimated percentage of suspicious followers. These could be accounts that seem unnatural or display the typical behaviours of online bots.

Take Away

If there’s anything to take away from this article, it’s the importance of analyzing influencer profiles thoroughly to ensure the best success from your campaign. Although you may be able to create a great campaign without using an influencer marketing platform, I would highly recommend it for cost and time effectiveness.

If you’re interested in doing some more reading before commencing your campaign, then check out some articles like the 8 best tools for influencer marketing.  

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