5 Safety Measures to Consider For Your Gym

Gyms are primarily identified as places where we go in search of fitness and better health. Yet, beyond their core function, they are social venues that need to be made safe for everyone that visits them.

Is your gym safe enough? Do your safety measures cater to the needs of all your clients? If you are uncertain of the answers to these questions, then read on for tips on some of the key safety measures you should consider taking up.

Automated Controlled Access

Most gyms allow clients to use their facilities on a subscription basis. It is possible that you even have membership cards that clients can use as proof when they sign in.

However, you could make the entry process much safer and smoother for everyone by installing an automated security system. Upon arrival, clients would only have to swipe their cards and the automated system would grant them access by unlocking your gym doors.

The upside to such systems is that you never have to worry about any errors being made when admitting clients. Further, you can also use the same system to allow or limit access to other areas such as bathrooms and changing rooms, storage lockers, and even for parking validation.

Secure Storage Solutions

Fitness safety standards recommend that clients leave any unnecessary items in storage during their fitness sessions. Such items include jewelry, wallets, car keys, and similar items. Still, some clients often feel wary of leaving some of the items they hold dear in typical storage lockers. More so if the lockers do not seem particularly sturdy or secure.

One way you could put your clients’ minds at ease is by installing safes that require personal codes to access. It would provide a much-needed level of assurance that whatever a client places in their allotted safe would be beyond the reach of any prying hands or eyes. Better still, the client would not even need to worry about losing any locker keys while they exercise.

At this point, you are probably doing the math of it all and questioning whether this would be a worthwhile investment. Well, if your clients are keen on their safety and privacy, then it would certainly be a necessity. As for costs, ordering your safes directly from manufacturers on a wholesale basis could save you lots of money. Innovative firms like Safewell also offer lots of affordable safe designs that can be custom-made to your preferences.

A Safer Gym Design

It is advisable to have an open arena gym space. The goal here is to make it easy for your gym instructors to keep an eye on all clients and attend to anyone that may be taking on a risky exercise or pushing themselves too hard. If you need to partition sections for different fitness options, consider using glass doors as they still allow for visibility.

Additionally, it is crucial that items such as dumbbells and skipping ropes are kept safely tucked away. They can easily cause falls and other accidents if they are left sprawled on floors or exercise benches. In light of this, make an effort to have adequate storage crates and racks where users can stow away such items after use.

If you happen to be pressed for space, consider investing in custom crates or racks. You only need to get measurements of the space that you have and share them with a plastic injection molding service provider.  They would then design your crates or racks to suit your space.

Proper Illumination

Proper lighting is a must-have for any gym that runs from the wee hours of the morning or into the night.

Indoor lighting ensures that no missteps are made or wrong weights picked up during exercise routines. Both of which can be very risky accidents on a gym floor filled with different kinds of equipment. On the other hand, outdoor lighting in areas such as entryways and parking lots ensures that your customers are safe as they come in or depart.

Nevertheless, it is also essential to choose the right kind of lighting for both areas so that it is neither blinding nor too dim. Custom LED lights could come in handy for such applications because they would be manufactured to specifically match your illumination needs.

Non-Slip Surfaces

Slip and fall incidents in a gym could easily be fatal. A client could easily slip and hurt themselves with a piece of equipment around them. Slippery bathroom floors also pose a significant risk given that most people use them after rigorous sessions that can be exhausting.

Installing non-slip flooring and non-slip mats could go a long way in curbing such incidents. It would equally be prudent to insist that clients wear the right shoes to avoid inadvertent slips.


It is a great business move to have a well-equipped gym that offers competitive membership rates. However, for most clients, nothing beats the feeling of their overall wellness and safety being assured. So, go on and seal those safety loopholes and watch your clientele grow.

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