5 Steps to become a Doctor – 2022 Guide

Being a doctor is a very fulfilling profession as it revolves around maintaining the health of people. To be a medical practitioner, you need to devote yourself to years of studies and training as your job comes with enormous responsibility.

Hence, looking for a good medical school is pivotal for a medical student. If you are interested then you can also look into the Caribbean md program that serves as a great foundation for a career in the medical field.

In the current times, the job of a doctor has become even more valuable with newer diseases cropping up. Though to start your journey in this profession, you have to plan ahead and here is a short guide on how you can become a doctor.

Start with earning a bachelor degree 

The first step to becoming a doctor is that you earn a bachelor’s degree. While you don’t have to major in anything specific at this juncture, it would be good if you do well in math and science during your high school. This will help you get into competitive exams easily.

Also in your undergraduate program, if you take up a degree in pre-medical or biology then it can be beneficial in your academic journey ahead. Also, by participating in extracurricular activities or volunteer programs, you can get a good idea of professional settings early on.

Take the MCAT 

The MCAT exams are very essential if you want to pursue the medical profession. The score from this exam is submitted as part of your application during admission and hence it is vital that you pass this test. The MCAT exams are taken during the junior year of your undergraduate program. They consist of multiple-choice questions that evaluate your skills.

Enroll in medical school 

The next very important step in your journey is applying to a medical school. You must start this process early during the summer before your senior year. While the US has often been the top choice for medical students but the extremely high GPA and MCAT scores that are demanded at US medical schools prevent many applications from going through.

Caribbean medical schools on the other hand have less strict criteria even though they offer the same quality of education. You also get to be a part of clinical rotations in the US that is offered by medical schools in the Caribbean.

Clear the Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

To become a doctor you also need to pass the USMLE during the medical school tenure. You will be taught and guided on how to clear the test by your teachers at the medical school. Some reputed Caribbean medical schools have a high USMLE pass rate which means they take all possible measures to train their students for the test.

The first part of the USMLE tests you on medical principles, the second on diagnoses and diseases while the third part is scheduled at the very end of the medical school.

Take up the specialty of your choice 

Before sending your application for a residency program, it is wise to pick your specialty. During the residency period, you will be working directly with patients and learning about your chosen specialty.

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