5 things common in every Indian wedding

Indian weddings are not just about food, dresses, dances but also about emotions, traditions, customs, and more than that it is all about happiness. Marriage is not just a union of two people; it is an amalgamation of two families and Indian families know how to celebrate this amalgamation. Along with celebration, they also take care of some traditions and customs that have been taking place in Indian marriages for ages. Although matrimonial websites have given a new path to Indian marriages for finding a groom or bride, still you will find 5 things common in every Indian wedding that can’t be changed. 

Bride- The Centre of Attention 

There is no doubt that the bride and groom are stars of every wedding. However, if you pay a little more attention you will notice that the bride gets really special treatment. Right from rituals like Mehendi, Haldi to video, the bride is always surrounded by a lot of people giving her lots and lots of love and attention. 

Food – The Backbone 

Indian weddings are always incomplete without an abundance of tasty food. After the bride and groom, the real attention seeker of all the guests is food and everybody seems to have different opinions about this. Also, do not forget the serving of sweets and delicacies at every function and ritual.

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Family – Real Sharer of Happiness

Indian relatives can skip any function of their family but they can’t miss the marriage of their loved ones (until and unless they really can’t manage to come). Not only the whole family but close friends too come together at a wedding. They share love, joy, happiness, and many other emotions at this special event. 

Rituals & Customs – All about a Wedding

No Indian wedding is complete without rituals like rokka (in Punjabi rishtey), sagai (ring ceremony), Mehendi, Haldi, gladioli (also a part of Punjabi rishtey ), and many more rituals. People also contact wedding astrologers to finalize the wedding date and time. They believe in doing every function at the right muhurat as according to the gods are giving their blessings at this time. 

Lots of Emotions – The Special Part 

Along with rituals, functions, food, enjoyment, the most special thing about not only Indian marriage but of every marriage is that this event brings a lot of emotions too. Countless blessings of elders, plenty of love from close ones, and a bounty of happiness are being shared with everybody on the special event of marriage. 

Indians are a pro at celebrating different events but when it comes to the marriage of their loved one, they make sure to take care of each and every little thing. Right from finding the right partner from mouth references or through matrimonial websites like Royal Matrimonial (special matrimony website for Punjabi rishtey) to organizing all functions amazingly, Indians know how to fulfill their responsibility amazingly. Anything can be changed in an Indian wedding but one thing will always remain constant,i.e., endless love and blessings and that is the specialty of this special occasion. Here are some standard banquet tablecloths sizes for rectangular tables.

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