5 Tips For You Wedding Photo Booth

The photo booth is one of the main entertainment areas at a modern wedding. We know that choosing a photo booth rental company is very difficult because there are so many of them!

  • Price is not the main thing

Surprisingly cheap or solidly expensive – whatever the cost of a photo booth, don’t let the price dazzle you by just that. The main thing is to choose the option that is ideal for you. Pay attention to what is included in the package of the photo booth, how wide is the choice of the photo booth, whether there are backgrounds for use in the photo booth, and whether you are satisfied with the quality of the pictures.

And, of course, talk to the manager of the company, who will oversee the work of the photo booth directly at your celebration. Share your expectations and preferences, ask all your questions. So the specialist like of a photo booth chicago will be able to accurately grasp what exactly you need, understand what you expect from the photo booth, and bring it to life with 100% hit.

  • Curiosity is not a vice

You will feel much safer knowing that the entertainment of your guests is in the hands of professionals. To be convinced of the competence of the company, be curious about what they write about it. Testimonials often say more about the services provided than ads. This approach will allow you not to doubt the correctness of your choice and will save you from unpleasant surprises.

  • Camera…

Lighting is one of the most important factors that determine the quality of your wedding photo strips. Do not hesitate to shower the company’s specialist with questions about the quality of the equipment used in the photo booth, the operability of the equipment, and the flash power, visit the company’s office asking him to show examples of pictures from other events. When you are convinced that everything is perfect, you can solemnly declare: “Motor!” – and feel free to enter into a rental agreement for a photo booth.

  • Very skillful pens

This quality is positive and very useful, but why burden yourself with creating a hand-made background for shooting or photo booth, when the bride already has so many worries? It is more reasonable to entrust this matter to specialists. Describe exactly where you want to place the photo booth, how you imagine the decorated background, and what kind of photo booth you need to prepare. Maybe you can’t imagine wedding photos without a lush mustache on a stick or funny hats with feathers – do not deny yourself the embodiment of your fantasies!

Having shared your wishes, feel free to go headlong into the pleasant chores of the bride, allowing the specialists to embody your ingenious ideas. In the GoPhooBooth photo booth rental company, you can order any themed props, be it an angelic wedding or a gangster bachelor party.

Do not deny yourself anything!

Modern companies have in their arsenal a lot of different sizes and configurations of options for photographic equipment. The smallest photo booth does not go beyond 0.5×0.5 meters and will easily fit even into a small and cozy room.

An open photo booth, unlike its closest “relative” – ​​photo booths with “curtains”, does not reduce the room, creating the effect of “air” and space. You do not have to stand in line to create your own photo strips, because, in an open photo booth, all guests have the opportunity to take pictures at the same time, move freely, changing places, presenting themselves either as a model for a photo or as an observer of what is happening.

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