5 Tips to Help you Sleep Better

A healthy body and a healthy mind are crucial for our overall well being. Talking about good health, healthy eating and physical activity are most emphasized. But what other than your diet and workout can improve your health?

Don’t think too much, it’s SLEEP, a good night’s sleep!

In the past, sleep and sleep quality were highly undermined but we are provided with enough reasons to sleep well. Not only a good sleep keeps our mind and body healthy but also reduces our risk of diseases.

I can relate to a similar incident, my uncle who is among the best cardiologists in Karachi, emphasizes sleep whenever talking about good heart health.

Why is sleep important?

If you are a workaholic, you can be among the ones who always look for reasons to sleep. Here I’m going to provide you with a list of convincing reasons to help you sleep better.

  1. Sleeping is associated with good cardiac health because a good night’s sleep is known to reduce your risk of heart disease. Good quality sleep impacts your blood pressure and cholesterol, the ultimate causes of heart problems.
  2. Sleep can also provide relief against stress that can cause many other health problems.
  3. Sleeping also affects your risk of cancer development by altering the level of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is the hormone that plays a role in the sleep-wake cycle alongside protecting against tumour formation.
  4. For weight loss strugglers sleeping can help the weight loss progress as it can alter the hormonal balance that determines our appetite.
  5. Good quality sleep is important for good memory as it helps your brain to process information, build links and make memories.
  6. Sleep gives time to your body aiding its repair by boosting the formation of repair proteins that helps to reduce stress.
  7. By regulating your hormonal levels, sleeping is known to reduce your risk of depression.
  8. Other than sleeping, day time napping can also help to make you smarter by improving your focus.

How to improve your sleep quality?

Many people struggle with sleep problems and are unable to enjoy quality sleep. Keeping the benefits of sleep for your health, here I’m sharing the ways that can surely help you to improve your sleep quality.

1- Bright light exposure during daytime

Your body has its circadian rhythms that are the biological clock of our body. Healthy circadian rhythms are necessary for a good quality night sleep. Day time exposure throughout the day helps your body to regulate its circadian rhythms improving your sleep quality and duration during nighttime.

2- Monitor your caffeine consumption

No matter in which form, people love to consume caffeine. Though caffeine consumption offers many health benefits in general caffeine consumption later during the day can interfere with your sleep cycle. Caffeine consumption can stimulate your brain, improving the energy that can make sleeping difficult for you.

3- Minimize the exposure to blue light

Talking about the light exposure, depending upon the time of day it can be both good and bad for you. The blue light that keeps you active during the day, same daylight can also trick your brain during night time. The blue light coming from the screens of your gadgets can trouble your sleep cycle thus, it is advisable to limit your blue light exposure especially a few hours before heading to your bed.

4- Be consistent with your sleep schedule

One of the major reasons behind sleep trouble is the absence of a defined sleep schedule. Not sleeping at a proper time can affect your circadian rhythms. Thus, make sure that you are sleeping at the right and defined time for hormonal regulation that keeps your body healthy.

5- Try melatonin supplement

While ensuring all the parameters of good quality sleep, try to manage your sleep trouble with a melatonin supplement. Melatonin is the sleep hormone that is naturally produced in our body and helps to regulate circadian rhythms. Insufficient melatonin can make it difficult for you to sleep and here melatonin can help you. Make sure to visit your physician before taking a melatonin supplement.

Bottom Line!

Good quality sleep is essentially important for your body functions. While taking all the necessary measures to improve your sleep quality make sure you visit your doctor if your sleep trouble continues.

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