6 Design Tips to Help with Conversion

More and more businesses today are relying on their websites for conversions. After all, most consumers tend to start with the Internet when searching for goods and services. However, it takes more than an online presence to encourage prospective customers to commit to specific actions, whether it’s subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase. While there are undoubtedly many different methods and strategies to enhance conversion rates, including surveys, usability, and A/B testing, to name a few, Web design carries a lot of weight. For this reason, many brands, companies, and individuals are making use of website design services.

But even with the expertise of professionals at your disposal, it can be beneficial to understand how best to achieve the desired conversions through your website. And in an effort to help you out on this endeavor, we’ve compiled six design tips that can enable your online domain to reach this goal. 

  • Focus on user experience

Websites don’t only serve the purpose of creating online exposure for a business and providing users with information on their offerings. They’re also the first impression that people have of a company. If they have an excellent experience browsing through your Web pages, then they’ll likely be more inclined to trust the brand and turn into paying customers. Therefore, you must put your best foot forward and ensure that the design prioritizes the UX.

  • Don’t take color selection for granted

Color is an integral part of Web design more than people realize. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of a website, it also affects content. For example, if the color combination between the font and background makes the text harder to read, it’s likely to frustrate users and turn them off rather than reel them in. Due to this, you’ll need to carefully consider your color selection and ensure that they fit your brand’s image and evoking the intended mood while making it easy on the eyes. 

  • Optimize the site for mobile

These days, most Web traffic comes from mobile devices rather than traditional desktop and laptop computers. That being the case, if you want to elevate your conversion rate, you’ll need to consider the browsing experience of smartphone and tablet users. With that being the case, it makes sense to optimize your online domain for mobile so that it’s responsive and engaging, even when interacting with it from a smaller screen.

  • Keep options at a minimum

It may sound counterproductive to restrict user options with your website. However, the reality is that the more selections they have, the longer they’ll take to decide. When it comes to Web design, you’ll increase your business’ conversions if you limit the choices for your visitors. Doing so will enable you to give them a clear path to actions that you may want them to take much quicker and easier than it would have been if they had more options.

  • Ensure that navigation remains easy

The most effective way to engage users with a website is to ensure that navigation remains easy and intuitive. If they’re unable to find what they need quickly, they may get frustrated and end up leaving the online domain before they’ve had a chance to browse through it, after all. From adding a menu to every web page within the site to removing non-essential elements, ease of navigation can go a long way in driving up conversions as it also boost your online reputation.

  • Hire website design services

Designing a website can be a tricky affair. If you’re unsure about shouldering the responsibility, you may want to invest in the services of professional website designers instead. It may lead to additional expenditure, but it will save you the trouble of handling the job yourself. You’ll also get better returns by doing so.


Websites can deliver remarkable conversions as long as the design measures up. So follow all the tips listed above. Doing so will enable you to attract and engage users. But, more importantly, it will have a positive impact on your conversion rates too.

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