6 Reasons Your Business Should Implement Office Showers

It might be hard to believe, but your business could benefit from installing office showers.

When employees have access to shower facilities, they feel more refreshed and ready to start their day.

Companies all over the world have already started putting their employees first by providing shower options to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Here are six reasons why your business should implement office showers:

1. Employees will be less stressed and more productive

Office showers offer a way for employees to relieve stress and boost productivity by allowing them to go for a walk or run before they come to work. This process has been shown to reduce stress and increase productivity, which ultimately leads to a healthier and more efficient workforce.

2. Increased morale among employees

Aside from reducing stress and promoting well-being, office showers also offer the opportunity for increased morale among employees. When your employees feel healthy and clean near their place of employment, they will feel better and be more engaged at work.

3. Decrease in sick days due to improved health

Offering employees access to showers nearby or on-site can decrease sick days. Employees who exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle are less likely to get sick due to the increase in their immune systems and overall well-being.

Furthermore, if employees shower on-site, they will be more likely to take the time to wash their hands before lunch or after using the restroom. Hand hygiene is an important part of preventing illness among employees, and offering them shower access can prevent illness.

4. Prevents the spread of germs through hand contact

Office showers allow employees to reduce the number of germs that they spread around the workplace by decreasing their time spent commuting in a car and in stressful situations. This not only decreases sick days but also reduces lost productivity due to an increase in employee morale.

5. Employers can save money by installing a shower instead of an on-site gym

Depending on the size and location of your business, it might be more cost-effective to invest in office showers than in an on-site gym. When employees exercise in the morning before they come into work, you won’t have to worry about expensive memberships or equipment for your employees.

Plus, you won’t have to replace your shower nearly as much as you’d have to replace or repair gym equipment.

6. Employees are more likely to get into work earlier if they have access to a shower at work, which leads to increased productivity for the company’s bottom line

Finally, office showers will lead to increased productivity and revenue due to your employees arriving on time and ready for their day. All of these reasons combined make it clear that every business should have office showers.


Every business should invest in office showers in order to improve their employee’s health and morale, reduce sick days due to improved health, and increase productivity due to employees arriving at work feeling healthier. Employers stand to save money by installing a shower instead of gym equipment or memberships while also not having to worry about replacing their shower as often. Lastly, employees arriving early to work and ready for the day will lead to increased productivity and revenue.

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