7 Design Tricks to Make a Small Room Look Larger

If your living room, family room, or living room is cramped and cramped, the last thing you want to spend time in is. That’s unless you fake your eye to think the room is bigger than it looks. It is not magic. It’s just a clever design and planning strategy. Get ready to bookmark all these tips and turn your small living room into a comfortable and stylish oasis for you and your family. With these designer examples as your guide, you’ll love the room so much you’ll never want to leave it. If you need help transforming the interiors of your home or office for the better, Wudzo Bangalore, best interior designers in Bangalore are who you should turn to. Not only will we ensure that your space looks great from the inside, but we will also make sure that it reflects your personality and fulfils all your requirements.

1. Intelligent lighting installation

Choose lighting that can be hung on the wall or hung from above to save floor space, like in this room. Pendant lamps also create space on the floor and add dimension to the walls, an ideal setting for small living rooms.

2. Choose a large rug

Choosing a larger rug—even in a flashy pattern—is a trick that can make a room appear larger. Unlike smaller carpets, large ones do not visually break the floor. This can also help stabilize the space and give you a good staple to use in framing the rest of the space. Corner benches can also help you make more use of your space, as does this room.

3. Take advantage of high ceilings

Even if you’re lacking in square feet and space, you can get plenty of mileage with high ceilings. To take advantage of this vertical space, accent tall windows with tall curtains and eye-catching wallpaper like in this room. Curtains hung above the window also give a little space of airiness and height. Keep the curtain design simple but use extra fabric for fullness.

4. Choose a dark paint colour

Glossy dark walls create an elegant backdrop for simple, plain pieces, and even brightly coloured, eye-catching objects. Use the small space to your advantage and make it look like a jewellery box. Painting the blankets in the same colour can add more intimacy.

5. Display artwork strategically

Display your artwork to trick the eye and add or accentuate the height of a room. A gallery wall might seem too busy for a small space, but it might actually look bigger if it reached up to the ceiling. In this family room, the mirror effect of this bright red on the ceiling makes the small room appear larger and more glamorous.

6. Get creative with low benches

A sofa or lower sofa creates the visual effect of high ceilings. Playing with proportions—like a small side table next to a daybed—will help, too. Just add pillows to make it more comfortable while lying down.

7. Make it multipurpose

When space is tight, the only option is to be creative and make things versatile. For example, if you don’t have the space for a separate living room, family room, and home office, group each concept into one room. This living room and office proves that design and the right parts can look great no matter the shape or size of the room.

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