8 Common Mining Equipment and Their Use

Mining is a heavy-duty activity that is very tiresome, but technology helped make work lighter and more efficient over the years. The use of machinery increases work speed, therefore covering more area. Mining mainly has two categories, namely, surface mining and underground mining. Surface mining does not require most heavy machinery, but underground mining must use them. For you to understand what happens in these busy sites, have a look at eight of the most common equipment used.

  • Mining trucks

Usage of trucks is inevitable in a mining sight. We have many kinds of trucks needed, but the most useful are the mining trucks that efficiently operate off-highway and are environmentally friendly. Miners use them for transporting the materials required and the mined products. Some of the large mining trucks can carry up to 400 tons.

  • Hydraulic mining shovels

These are commonly known as excavators, and they developed from the steam shovels used previously. They have a base sitting on the tracks or wheels and a cab where the driver operates it. A hydraulic arm connects the shovel, and the driver controls it from the cab. It helps pick materials and can maneuver through hard surfaces.

  • Large dozers

The large dozers move materials around, and they operate on different surfaces. Their use varies according to need, and they can have attachments added onto them to help in clearing a mining site or reclaiming the land after mining is complete.

  • Rock drills

There is always a need to go through the underground rocks to get to the minerals in underground mining. The drills go through the rock up to 150 feet and create a hole wide enough to put the explosives needed to take apart the rock. You can either find a rotary drill rig or a hammer drill. The rotary drill rig drills through, but the hammer-drill puts pressure on the rock and punches a hole through it.

  • Draglines

Draglines are large excavators primarily found in surface mining. They have a bucket supported by wires and ropes, which is useful in scooping materials and dumping them on another location.

  • Motor graders

Graders are necessary for any mining site since they help make the road to the site accessible. Even in places near the highway, the mining site can be either muddy or dusty due to the area’s activities. Therefore, the grader always ensures that the roads and paths are passable within and outside the area.

  • Large wheel loaders

This equipment is most helpful in moving materials and loading them onto trucks. Due to their large capacity, they help fasten work and avoid delays. They are also beneficial in digging.

  • Wheel tractor scrapers

The scrapers form is like that of the graders. However, they have a bin used in scooping materials, rather than pushing them like a grader. They are useful in starting a mining site or reclaiming the land.

From the above, we can see that mining requires a lot of heavy lifting and digging deep into the surface. It is, therefore, necessary to have quality machines so that the work goes on effectively. Source Pro Equipment is a quality supplier of these machines to ensure the smooth flow of all mining activities.


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