What do you think when talking about massages?

If you are in this blog you will probably relate massage to health and wellness. If that’s your case, I’m glad unfortunately, working for some years in this sector, I have realized that there are still people who confuse the world of therapeutic massage with the world of sex, or as it is usually called “massage with a happy ending.

There are several causes that cause this ambiguity

The main reason is that, in countries where “certain activity” is illegal, some massage parlours (as well as saunas, spas or similar centres) are usually places where they exchange “services” for money can be offered in a discreet manner and hardly demonstrable by the courts. In Madrid for example, there are many spas that operate under the guise of holistic massage centres offering sexual services instead. The most popular are sensitive, tantric and melee massages, which are practices that have very little to do with a real therapeutic massage. Therefore, if we are not used to receiving a massage from a professional and we see an ad with the word “massage”, we will automatically relate it to the word.

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Another reason is the bad publicity that places where they offer massage services with “happy ending”. This generates an important prejudice in people who do not know this sector well. It is also possible to comment on the part of responsibility of the masseurs themselves, since many have ended up crossing the professional limit with their clients.

As a result of this we find two problems:

First, it makes it quite common for a therapeutic massage therapist to receive proposals of a human nature from the client. Almost all the massage therapists I know, unfortunately, have had to face this situation. I have also sometimes received calls asking if I offered erotic services. At first I remember not reacting very well, it was frustrating to see how the work of a professional could be belittled and misunderstood; but I quickly got used to it and now I simply try to be as clear as possible from the beginning.

Another problem resulting from this prejudice would be the opposite case: when the client thinks that the therapeutic massage therapist can take advantage of the situation. For example, there are women who do not like to be massaged by a male therapist and vice versa. It is clear that each person has the freedom to choose their therapist I personally, as a professional massage therapist, know that eroticism is the last thing a therapist thinks during a massage. We do not judge your body, we are not interested in that there is still a lot of work to do to change these prejudices in the popular mentality I believe that the time has come to begin to value massage therapy like any other health therapy, completely natural and focused entirely on medicine.

Everyone experiences an increase in stress levels at some point in their life. Stress is the way the body uses to respond to a physical or emotional demand. In fact, the body’s ability to react to stressful situations and deal with threats is fundamental to our survival. However, when you are under long-term stress caused by ongoing situations, such as work or family problems, financial problems, etc. The body will be in a state of constant tension – a state that has detrimental effects on many body systems, including the immune system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, etc.

Stress hormones affect your respiratory and cardiovascular system. During the stress response, you breathe faster, in an effort to distribute oxygen and blood quickly to your body. Your heart pumps faster too. Stress hormones cause blood vessels to constrict and raise blood pressure Chronic or frequent stress causes your heart to work too long for too long, increasing the risk of hypertension and problems with the blood vessels and the heart According to the American Institute of Stress, the incidence rate of heart attacks and sudden deaths increases after major stress-inducing incidents, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Most massage techniques have a common positive impact on the work they do on a physical level in the body: they favor blood and / or lymphatic circulation, mobilize the toxins that are trapped in the nodes of muscle fibers … they collaborate in the release of muscle contractures and tissue elongation, and, to a greater or lesser extent, obtain a consequent relief in the treatment of various pains, recover the range of joint movement and help retake an optimal anatomical posture.

These well-called benefits, are a work that, by itself, can already produce a great change is our general state. In the same way that we will be more comfortable staying in a warm, spacious and tidy house, we will live more comfortable in a healthy body.

For those of us who are dedicated to offering Tantric Massage, we understand that the peace of a home is provided by the person, and that is why the work of deepening inside is so relevant Most of the people who go to a regular consultation are lost or dizzy before the different external situations in which they find themselves and talk about a need to reconnect with themselves.

It’s like going around spinning on oneself – like a spinning top – for many this was one of our great children’s games. When you grow up this game becomes a great meditation: if your attention is directed only outside you get dizzy to the point that you probably fall We can reflect this in what happens to us in life: if we turn our eyes all the way out, the images will gradually become blurred distorting the clear vision of reality, which will lead us to get more and more dizzy until the collapse arrives, That is just the rescue of urgency.

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