ACNH Bells Farming Guide – Top 6 Best Ways To Get Bells In Animal Crossing

Bells play an important role in Animal Crossing new Horizons. They have been the main mechanic in the games because everything will pay with cheap ACNH bells. There are a lot of ways to make bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Today, let’s go through the top 6 best ACNH bells farming methods, both for beginners and people who are a bit further along in the game for making bells.

Top 6 – Start A Fruit Orchard

Plant as many trees as you can if you want to build a classic orchard in Animal Crossing New Horizons. In particular, they should be fruit that is not native to your island. You can find non-native fruit by trading with friends or sometimes people even just send it to you in the mail. Visiting Nook Miles islands, sometimes you’ll find an island that has your sister fruit on it. One native fruit sells for 100 ACNH bells, but non-native fruit sells for 500 bells each. And if you plant coconuts while you’re at it, those sell for 250 ACNH bells each.

Top 5 – Find The Money Rock

At number five is the fabled money rock. Each day on your island, one of your rocks will be a money rock. And it’s capable of dropping around 16,000 Animal Crossing New Horizons bells, provided you’re able to strike it all eight times. So it helps to have something behind you, like some shrubs or some holes, so you don’t miss any of your hits.

Top 4 – Hot Items Are Double

The next Animal Crossing bells farming tips and tricks is the daily hot item from Nook’s Cranny. If you have the upgraded Nook’s Cranny, there are actually two of these each day. And these items are being bought for double their original value. They’re always craftable acnh items, and you should only ever see requests for items you can currently craft, meaning you know the recipe. If you’re sitting on a lot of unused crafting resources, this can make you huge amounts of money. It actually works out that each crafting resource in the game has an attached value. If you craft them into an item, you always sell that for double what each resource was worth. So if a barbell takes 10 iron nuggets and you sell it, you earn the same amount of bells had you sold 20 iron nuggets. When you’re selling the hot items, you’re actually quadrupling the value of each resource.

Top 3 – Plant A Money Tree

The third method is something that you can do each day, and that plants a money tree. Find a shimmering spot in the ground and dig it up for 1000 bells. Then, provided your shovel doesn’t break, you can bury those bells for a money tree worth up to 3000 bells once it’s fully grown. If your shovel does happen to break, going indoors will actually cover up the shimmering holes. So you want to try and craft one outside, if possible. It also helps if you can avoid being stung by wasps in the process of gathering shovel materials. Anyway, you should instead, plant 10,000 bells in the spot instead of 1000 bells, because you’re actually guaranteed to have a tree that drops 30,000 bells once it’s fully grown. Also, it’s worth noting you can pick up the tree once you plant it and move it somewhere, maybe with fewer wasps around.

Top 2 – Pumpkin Farming

The best ACNH bells-making trick we have is pumpkin farming. You can buy pumpkins from Leif or Nooks Cranny, and they’re by far the best way for beginners to make those bells. Each pumpkin plant is capable of producing three pumpkins when it’s fully grown. It’s important that you water your pumpkin farm every day for maximum results. Each pumpkin you sell is worth 350 bells, so my tiny little pumpkin farm, fully grown, is worth 10,500 bells ACNH. So have fun with your massive pumpkin farms.

Top 1 –  Pick Flowers

If you’ve managed to grow gold or even blue roses, you’re sitting on a small fortune potentially. Pick these flowers, don’t dig them, pluck the tops off of them and sell them. Seriously, they only take a couple of days to grow back and each flower is worth 1000 bells each.

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