Advantages & performance of Huawei fitness band 4

Welcome to another huawei blog post, in this web content our focal point of discussion will be huawei fitness band 4 It certainly has quite a lot to offer therefore today will be giving a comprehensive review after a month-long use considering its design battery life and all-around fitness features so let’s get started

Stylish look

The huawei fitness band 4 feels great on the hand and looks stylish as well it has more of a square design which makes it look a bit classier and rightly sophisticated it has a neat finish to it and I have had no complaints about its design except that it could is just slightly bigger display screen besides that the design is top-notch and you can fashion it with anything to complement its design the warmer band for stores a collection of creative watch faces available from the Huawei watch face store from which you can choose the display design which best suits you.

Charging & Battery Quality

The battery life of this device isn’t a problem at all especially considering it has a built-in USB plug meaning that you can plug it into any general USB charger for charging you can get up to 7 days of use at a single charge of this device which is quite sufficient the best think about the charging is that even while you are out somewhere and low and charged you can just plug it into any general USB charger without requiring any cables and be good to go when you’re buying a fitness band the main feature you are concerned about is the health monitoring capabilities of the band.


The huawei fitness band 4 didn’t disappoint us in this field as well with the exceptional quality performance the exercise tracking which includes outdoor indoor walk tracking outdoor indoor run tracking outdoor indoor cycling tracking free training tracking and more was spot on also it allows you to record sessions so that you can keep track of your movements and daily workouts.

Wide range of workout features

There are nine different exercises most that you can try out from this device the heart

rate tracking and calorie tracking are just as good as the device making you alert if your heart rate exceeds the maximum however the sleep tracking is probably the standard feature from the health monitoring sector with the band not only being able to record the sleep time during the night but also being able to keep track of your daytime sleep breaks.

Furthermore huawei fitness band 4 recognizes six different sleep problems and provides you with insightful suggestions to overcome them the huawei band 4 is water-resistant up to 50 meters meaning that you can also go for a swim with the band on it keeps you updated with smart notifications of messages and calls which I’ve personally found very handy while riding as well as exercising lastly there is the Find My Phone feature which enables you to keep track of your phone from about month-long use of this device I can rightly say that it is feature-packed and has all the aspects you’re looking for in a fitness band it is stylish with great comfort is easy enough to charge with sufficient battery life and most importantly has all the fitness band features you require.

Therefore if you are out in the market looking for something that has the term value for money adequately justified you’re in the right place so make sure to check this one out. If you have any doubt regarding huawei fitness band 4 you can post it in the comment section.

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