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Children learn from taking part in games to develop their social skills. However, today’s state of the affair doesn’t allow us to do this. The virus has created our life stagnant. Due to this, parents fear sending their children to the park to play or come in contact with anyone.

But there is a solution to this problem. And the solution is playing games online. There are different platforms where we can play games and earn rewards. We can also play cricket online through FANTASY CRICKET LEAGUE GAME PLAY ONLINE. But before playing you should know how to get your registered and some tricks while playing.


There is a simple process to get yourself registered for enjoying a fantasy cricket league. After getting registered you can get the pleasure of playing cricket online and use your skills to win the game. So, these are the steps to be followed to get yourself registered:

  1. Firstly, you have to register to your account. Then fill in the details they asked for. The information should be correct.
  2. Then select the match you are interested to join. After selecting the match. Click on join now.
  3. After this, you have to make your team compete with other teams. Make the best of your team which can lead to winning the match. You have to make your fantasy team which should have 11 players. That includes 1 wicket-keeper, 3-5 batsman, 4-5 bowlers, 1-4 all-rounders. The overall budget of fantasy cricket is 1000 gems for any match.
  4. From the fantasy squad of 11 members. You have to select your Captain and Vice-Captain. It is crucial because the Captain can lead to increase your points by 2X times. The Vice-Captain can lead to increase your points by 1.5X times. So, choose wisely your Captain and Vice-Captain. They can become game-changers.
  5. After this to get bonus points. You have to join paid pot.
  6. The better the performance is higher your score is, and the more chances of winning. The final result comes at the end of the match.

So, this is how to get yourself registered for a fantasy cricket league. But only registration is not important. The most important is how to win the league. There are some of the points one should keep in mind before making their team. Because the best team leads you towards winning the game, so now let’s see how to win the game.


  1. Selection of batsman:- Your squad must have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 batsmen. It mainly depends on the pitch of the ground. If the pitch is batting pitch then 4-6 and if bowling pitch then 3 batsmen are also sufficient. You should select the batsman according to their previous match performance. The openers must be from both the teams not from one. One should take the players from the team that stood best in the last match. If both the teams stood equally well then you can choose from both the teams alternatively. If you choose batsmen who can bowl also is a plus point for your team.
  2. Selection of bowler:- As much as it is necessary to have a good batsman also it is necessary to have a good bowler. While selecting a bowler you must have a minimum of 3 or a maximum of 6 bowlers in your team. It again depends on the pitch. If the pitch is a bowling pitch then select more bowlers and if batting pitch then selects more batsmen. The bowlers must be from both the teams not from one. This will help us to have a different variety of bowlers. And they can help us with their different variations of bowling skills. You should choose the player who has a good record.
  3. Selection of all-rounder:- It’s very important to have an all-rounder in your team. It helps to earn more points. One must choose wisely as mainly these all-rounders are the game-changers. In a team select a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 all-rounders. Select the players from both the teams not from one team only. And select the player who is good in both batting and bowling. From the captain, or vice-captain one must be an all-rounder. It is important to have a captain or vice-captain all-rounder to increase the spirit of other players.
  4. Selection of wicket-keeper:- Wicket-keepers is the most crucial player on any team. Select a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 wicket-keepers. They are interesting players. So, they earn points through both keeping and batting. Choose the player who is good at keeping and gets a chance to bat too.
  5. Selection of captain and vice-captain:- It is the most important decision of every team. The captain and vice-captain both earn more points than other players. As the captain gets 2X more points than other players. The Vice-Captain gets 1.5X more points than other players. The captain or vice-captain one must be an all-rounder. It’s important for the whole team. Don’t select the player as Captain who performed well in the last match as chances are less that he/she will play again. Don’t select the captain and vice-captain from the same team.

So, these are some tricks that are helpful while playing fantasy cricket league. You can PLAY FANTASY CRICKET ONLINE. There are many platforms available on which you can play fantasy cricket. Online gaming gives us a wonderful experience and helps us to earn some money, enjoy, and relax at the same time.

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