The pandemic has forced people across the globe to shift from the comfort of their workplaces to home offices. Hence, the demand for WFH furniture has steadily been rising since the first half of 2020. However, the change in space has not caused any drop in the overall workload, and the effort that an employee needs to put forth to get the job done remains intact. Hence, it is important to reproduce a workplace-like setup at home to not affect the productivity or health of the employee. With Australian made furniture designers like Koskela coming to the fore, home office furniture can be bought online at affordable rates from the comfort of your homes. Tools like folding tables, laptop tables, and task chairs are to be chosen carefully as one would expect them to give the authentic feel that the office furniture provides.

Is investing in WFH furniture worthwhile?

The lack of appropriate furniture may affect the quality of the work done by an individual. According to a study conducted in Brisbane last year, 61% of the employees were dissatisfied with their workspace ambience in general and their office furniture in particular. The number is indicative of the sheer impact that the furniture has on the mindset of the employees. An employee needs to work for around 8-10 hours from their home on a daily basis, and hence one should purchase WFH furniture that ensures optimal posture, comfort, and good health. Make sure that you do not fall for faulty furniture that certain brands sell for low prices. Remember that the products that you buy would have a direct impact on your health as well as productivity. The key benefits of setting up a home office with appropriate tools are listed below:

  •       Helps maintain a composed disposition and recreates the actual workplace ambience.
  •       Increases the comfort of the employees.
  •       Brings order to the way the files are organised.
  •       Keeps health concerns at bay.

List of Essential WFH Furniture


A desk is an inevitable component of a home office for multiple reasons. Its primary functions include providing space for writing and placing work essentials. An average office desk would be 160 cm in length, 75 cm in height, and 80 cm in width.


It is a place where employees can keep all the commodities without causing any clutter. Files, laptops, notepads, earphones, etc., are essential tools that one cannot avoid in a WFH setup. In addition, Australian made furniture designers like Koskela design foldable tables that perfectly suit home offices.


The chairs that one uses in a home office must offer mobility and comfort. In addition, it should mandatorily have a height adjustability feature to ensure good posture and health.

Things to Look Out For While Buying WFH Furniture


Have a rough idea of the office area in mind before buying the required furniture product. The buyer should make sure that the newly bought furniture will not make the room a cluttered area. One way to tackle the problem is by measuring your office room before making the purchase.


If your table is not supportive of the office chair that you bought recently, what is the alternative? It is always better to purchase office chairs that come with numerous adjustment features. It would help maintain the upright position of the employee without having to make any kind of sacrifice. The advantage of buying multi-purpose, foldable furniture products is that you save up extra space for computers, phones, and files related to work.


The direct correlation between productivity and posture further proves that the workspace equipment should be efficient and supportive. Hence, the convenience and functionality of the furniture should be prioritised over style.

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