An Introductory Guide To Online Legal Assistance 

Creating small businesses over online platforms or founding startups is the new rage in recent times. However, just having one solid idea is not enough to build a reliable business. A proper mind map needs to be maintained to keep track of every detail. Consequently, it gets a bit overwhelming at times when important aspects such as the arrangement of proper authorization, formation of affordable LLC and operating agreement, as well as other corporate paperwork come into play. Moreover, a lack of knowledge can make situations worse even in trivial matters. Law 4 Small Business, an online legal assistance company, provides everything one needs to set up a small business with a proper framework and help in building up a trustworthy foundation.

A huge number of small businesses have benefited from the services offered by the Law 4 small business and a few of them are discussed here to provide a better perspective to the people who are looking for some affordable online legal assistance.

Case Study I

Type of business: Real estate business

The problem faced: Asset protection planning for real estate business.

Guidance: The business owner opted for online legal assistance through Law 4 Small Business and hired a professional attorney to assist him with the building of a proper asset protection framework that would be suitable for small real estate businesses.

  •   Fast, affordable services are offered to form a limited liability company (LLC) with other important paperwork and operating agreements which were the first step to incorporate for asset protection of the business.
  •   Assistance was provided to set up the right type and amount of business insurance
  •   All sorts of corporate paperwork were provided to avoid future unwanted legal accusations.

 Extra bonus:

  •   Professionals assistance from Mr Donahue, a popular online business attorney, and partner of law 4 small business who helped in gaining knowledge in assets protection
  •   Easy communication and availability

Case Study II

Type of business: small business

The problem faced: lack of knowledge of legislation aspect of founding a business

Guidance: The assistance provided includes

  •   Whole business formation- forming LLC, trademark registration and monitoring, licensing agreements required for products of the business concerned, etc.
  •   Services on contract drafting and contract dispute to make a legal demand on the goals and objectives of the business were also provided.
  •   Other paperwork and legal tax sections were handled sincerely.

Extra bonus:

  •   Constant paralegal support.
  •   Quick response and knowledge of every bit of detail.

Law 4 small business blogs

The blog section is provided with content of great value. It includes every aspect of legal matters that one needs to know to set up and scale up a  trustworthy and reliable business. The section includes anything and everything starting from trademark disclaimers, patent prosecution, and the basics of copyright for specific businesses to the modern time application of AI on business property.

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Most of the reviews and experiences of the people who took online legal assistance from Law 4 Small Business have been incredible. However, there are some instances where the hired attorney was not responsive or helpful enough to the customer. Nevertheless, it is one of the authentic online legal assistance companies. Additionally if one cannot afford to hire online assistance, one can easily go through their value-bomb blogs to gain enough knowledge and start out on a new venture.

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