Are Space-Saving Stairs Right For Me?

If space is a concern for you, then you’re likely looking for a solution to help create more room in your hallway. You could hang bigger mirrors, install bigger windows, or have glazed doors fitted – but have you ever thought about how your staircase could help you to free up valuable space and access difficult to reach areas?

Many homeowners have the option to fit a paddle or space-saver staircase, but are they the best option for you? Find out more in this post.

What Are Space-Saving Stairs?

Space-saving stairs, also known as paddle stairs, are manufactured using paddle treads. Space saver stairs cover half the distance as the other type moviesverse of conventional stairs; these stairs can cover the same distance in an overlapping way. In these types of stairs number of stairs is identical, but they cover the half-space than others with the overlapping design.

This unique shape helps to conserve space, making your area appear much bigger, giving you much more storage or living space.

Not only are they used to access areas like a loft conversion, or to serve a single room – but they’re also an excellent option wherever it isn’t possible to use a conventional set of stairs.

Here we elaborate the basic styles of alltimesmagazine space saver stairs that are absolutely fulfilling your needs according your desire. Keep reading!

Spiral Staircases:

In the modern age, everyone desires to enhance the inner beauty of their house, office, or other places and save the place. For an elegant appearance, spiral stairs are the best choice to save space. It offers loft conversions and promotes the importance of every millimeter matter with the spiral design, which overlaps the steps with great ease and perfection. We can make these craft staircases with various materials such as aluminum, wood or some, solid timbers, etc.

Cast Aluminium Usage In Spiral Staircases:

Outmoded greensand castings staircases are manufactured with the latest techniques under our foundry in stoke. It’ll help you when you’re willing to install it and assure you the high quality of metal and crafting. Further, the compatibility of the casting aluminum offers versatility in the staircases with tiny diameters of 970 millimeters.

In cast aluminum, lots of designs and selections are available with a vast variety as:

  • Balusters
  • Ornamental panels

Rigid wood spiral staircases:

Oak, Ash, and walnut are the best types of wood that offer grade A log staircases; artisans and cabinetmakers give the finishing touch to wooden staircases with great experience and high quality. Those people who are highly demanded and want the elegant design place saver Oak, Ash, and walnut are the best choices for them.

These staircases are available in various designs, shapes, and materials, but we mentioned the best options for you as:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Glass balustrading

If you are wanted a Burke-style staircase, it’ll give your stairs a more fancy look because we’ll provide versatile staircases with minimum diameter.

  • Oak diameter is 1300mm
  • Ash diameter is 1200mm

Building Regulations:

Building regulations authority’s primary purpose is to provide the people’s protection, including health and well-being in and out of the buildings. The regulation’s primary intent was to improve the facilities and focus on the building’s map. It also enhances sustainable development.

Do Arched/ curved Stairs Take Less Space?

Style of curves matters which design and style of curved are installed in your place; some curved stairs take more space than the other categories of staircases. In the mental ideology of man, they wanted the square area with the curve because it looked more elegant and amiable.

Ready To Install A Space-Saver Staircase?

After discussing the regulations and legalities with the relevant local authorities, it’s time to seek expert advice on designs, materials and costs.

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