Aspects to consider when acquiring a ladder

In any construction site -the most important safety tool is a ladder. A ladder is a safety tool that is either made of wood, plastic, iron, fabric glass, or aluminum steel. It consists of bars or stages used for descending or ascending from something. Ladders are of many varieties: single pole ladders, extension ladders, platform ladders, dual-purpose ladders, and step ladders.

There have been day-to-day improvements on the ladder structure, materials, and types. In ancient times, ladders were made of wood. With the help of technology, ladders like other tools have been improved from wood to steel, fabric glasses, or plastic – others even have wheels. Ladders can be used for both industrial and domestic tasks e.g. painting, roofing, electrical fittings, and many other functions. Here are the factors to consider when purchasing a perfect ladder;


Ladders are used in day-to-day activities especially on construction sites. Determining a durable ladder is the best decision as it also helps in investments. It can be dangerous to use a worn-out ladder since it may cause injuries. While choosing a ladder to purchase, consider additional safety features such as clutch and others.

Right capacity

The most significant factor that affects a ladder’s functionality and performance is its capacity. Different ladders come with different duty ratings that tell us the maximum safe load a ladder can carry. A good ladder used in industrial construction should be strong and have a greater duty rating compared to those used locally. Also, look for a ladder that has storage cases for other tools and security.

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Type of ladder

Different tasks require different types of ladders. As you visit a ladder shop, the type of ladder to purchase should be the first step to take in buying the right ladder. Purchasing the wrong ladder can be costly since it can cause both injuries and shoddy work. A suitable ladder should be fit for many different tasks. Also, consider a ladder that is not difficult to use.

Material used

Choosing the right material will help you pick the right ladder for the task. Different materials have different properties that make the ladder ideal for specific purposes. Material choices depend on the type of duty – like light duties need ladders made of light materials such as aluminum. Heavy duties on the other hand require strong materials or ladders with wheels.

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Suitable height of a ladder

Efficient work is only achieved when the height of the ladder is right –which means it shouldn’t be extremely long or too short for the person using it. The longer the ladder the more it can serve a larger area when using it. Longer ladders also provide overlapping of ladder sections, flexibility, room for correction, and non-limited heights.


Price is a key factor for purchasing a ladder. Ladders for sale in Nairobi – like any other products- vary from one ladder to another. Some ladders are cheaper, affordable, or extremely expensive. When buying a ladder choose the one that goes with your budget. Also, the warranty period is important in any decent and long-lasting product.

Portability and space

Ladders are crucial equipment that is frequently moved from one place to another. Their portability levels are different and it even affects their storage ability. Compact ladders can be easy to move around with this even storage becomes easy. A perfect ladder shouldn’t be too heavy as it is tiresome when carrying around. It shouldn’t be too long since it can occupy a lot of space in your garage or cargo deck.


While selecting a ladder, always go for the best since it is an essential tool in your day-to-day construction life. Always evaluate your requirements outlined in the article before you make a decision on which ladder to buy. Remember you can also involve experts in construction safety personnel. It’s the best idea to put safety first while choosing a ladder for any duty.

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