Audi A6 VS Mercedes Benz E Class detailed Comparison

The Middle East is a fan of sports cars and luxurious vehicles because they are the pinnacle of driving enjoyment. The top class automakers are always trying to outdo each other. Two examples of these automakers are Audi and Mercedes. 

In this comparison article, we will be reviewing differences between their respective vehicles, A6 and E Class. Although the mid-size E Class sedan has a strong reputation, we have to discover if it can be a strong competitor to the latest Audi A6. If you want to know the best place to buy second hand cars in Dubai, CarSwitch should be your first choice. 


As opposed to the aggressive profile of the Audi A6, Mercedes Benz E Class offers a subtle and restrained appearance. At the front, a sporty vibe is delivered by the big Single frame grille design. 

Many other brands have attempted to imitate this layout but it could not be duplicated. At the back side, the stand dynamic turn indicators light up to signal a turn. This detail gives an aesthetic touch which is not present in the E Class. 

The additional 1.6 inches of rear seat legroom is a great feature. This extra space makes it a super comfortable sports sedan for the passengers in the back. Owing to these little fine details, Audi A6 is a very appealing luxurious car in its car segment. 


Since the entry level boasts all the high quality features, you do not need to splurge more money to get your hands on the desirable premium features while opting Audi. The 2020 model of A6 has the standard feature of a 3 zone automatic climate control and an extra climate control for the passengers in the back. 

It is a perfect feature when the passengers in the front and back want different temperatures. However, there is no separate automatic climate control in E Class for the rear passengers which means they are at the mercy of climate settings as decided in the front. In the E Class, heated front seats are given as an option while it is standard in the Audi 6. 

The cabin of Mercedes Benz E Class boasts the standard leatherette upholstery whereas the A6 comes with soft authentic leather. Undoubtedly, Audi A6’s interior is far more supple and genuine. It also gives off an upmarket appearance and feel. 


When it comes to performance, Mercedes Benz E Class produces more power than its rival. However, many people are still urged to choose the Audi A6. The primary reason is that it makes almost the same torque as the E Class. 

This means that the acceleration is identical even if we compare standard models or the available V6 engine upgrade. Since a standard all wheel drive is available for Audi A6, the performance is strong, lithe and nimble. 

The powerful drive is due to the tight turning circle and a dual clutch automatic transmission. No break occurs in the power delivery because the next gear is already selected for fast shifts. On the other hand, the standard single clutch automatic transmission is featured. 

Maneuvering is improved and refined by the all wheel steering and with this feature, the rear axle of A6 can offer advantages. These include turning help and maximizing stability on freeway speeds. It also improves agility which can not be found in the E Class. 


All the models of Audi A6 come with a standard Quattro all wheel drive which elevates the performance and control in all types of weather. This feature also ensures such a solid grip that even if one wheel lacks traction, control is not lost. 

If we compare this to the Mercedes Benz E Class, a standard rear wheel drive is offered. This can be an issue in snow and cold weather. If the driver wants to upgrade to the all wheel drive system, an extra $2,500 is needed. 

Moreover, if the car goes into a crash, A6 offers a top class safety gear to secure all passengers. The Audi A6 also received a 2020 Top Safety Pick award. It was given by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety which is the most prestigious safety award in the American automotive industry. 

On the other hand, the Mercedes Benz E Class was only awarded the 2019 Top Safety Pick. This award was based on the previous year flexible standards. 

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