Bamboo Sportswear: Your Apparel for a Comfortable Workout

Whether you’re a die-hard hip hop fan or like your yoga session in the morning sun, activewear is a necessity. As such, you might have been frantically looking for sustainable apparel while you break but to no avail. So, if you want to save up your energy for your workouts, bamboo sportswear is a must-have wardrobe addition.

Clothes shouldn’t cause any hassle for you in your daily life. As such, bamboo activewear will help your body live and breathe amongst nature like it’s meant to. Isn’t it exciting how fashion can be sustainable too?

How is Bamboo Activewear Made?

Imagine the thick stalks of bamboo erect in a forest, and look at your clothes. It’s mindboggling how technology can advance to create soft fabrics out of the densest materials. Bamboo activewear is part of the same sustainable process of breaking down and refining the raw material.

According to Princeton Student Climate Initiative, fast fashion is responsible for more carbon emissions than international shipping and flights combined. At such a rate, we wouldn’t even be able to live to see the future generations progress. Meanwhile, bamboo activewear makes it a priority to let you breathe along with the environment.

  • Harvest: Bamboo wood is collected and cut into small stalks before immersing into a solution to make it soft.
  • Viscose Process: After the solution softens the stalks, dried fibres are milled continuously with temperature change to turn into viscose.
  • Spin and Sew: Now, the soft viscose is ready as a thread for the yarns. You get your soft bamboo fabric from the knitted yarns.

The fashion industry is now inclining towards responsibility for the climate, and it’s time you do the same!

What Are the Reasons to Choose Bamboo Activewear?

The incredible benefits of natural fabric are known worldwide. But the addition of bamboo in the fabric industry creates excitement for sustainable fashion lovers and comfort fans alike. So, if you are one of them, you can’t stay from the bamboo clothing anymore!

Because It’s Soft

Ever had to pause your sessions because of the unavoidable scratch around your neck? Now you can focus on the fun and meditation with the comfort of the unbelievably soft fabric.

Because It’s Odour-Free

No matter how many antiperspirants you try, the sweat will not let any of those work. In fact, sweating during intense exercises is good for the body. At the same time, bamboo enables you to worry less about infections, too, with its antibacterial properties.

Because It’s Durable and Crease Resistant

The entire morning gets ruined once you iron your clothes before wearing them. This is not the cardio you want, right? Bamboo activewear will hold itself in shape for you for years to come!

Because It’s Your Natural Sunblock

The bamboo has natural UV resistant properties that make it your perfect summer buddy protection!

Sustainable living comes with incredible benefits and the peace of mind of being close to nature. As such, bamboo sportswear offers you the opportunity to let your body enjoy the freedom of softness and comfort without any environmental damage. So, whether you want to be a marathon runner or prefer to lounge around, bamboo clothing is the perfect apparel choice! Hence, stop lazing around and rush to shop; the stalks won’t last! (Get it?)

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