Bathroom Aesthetics: How to Make Your Bathroom Social Media Worthy

Bathrooms were initially a private space in a house not generally showcased to others. But today, more influencers and celebrities on social media are flaunting their luxurious or elegant bathrooms, setting the bar of bathroom aesthetics high. While the bathrooms on social media exude an opulent vibe, people can renovate their bathrooms similarly on a tighter budget.

Bathroom aesthetics revolve around popular design movements like minimalism, modernism, industrial, victorian, etc. These designs include essential components like a basin, shelves, a bath tub, a cistern, shower panel, and more, but with different visuals. And people can effortlessly add these elements to their existing bathrooms without many renovations to make them social media worthy.

Design Movements and Their Components

People redesigning their bathrooms can inculcate components from various design themes to create an overall unique but synchronous aesthetic. Or, they could choose to follow a particular aesthetic and only incorporate design components and elements from a single theme. The following bathroom components draw inspiration from various design movements and are popular globally:

Wooden Floor

Wooden floors in dark tones are the current trend in bathrooms as they add a modernistic and warm vibe to other components in the bathroom. Wooden floors can have wooden boards, or people could choose from a range of wood laminates that offer the same visuals as a wooden floor. And, while waterproof wooden boards are an option, laminates are easier to maintain and are less likely to degrade after continuously coming into contact with water.

Colourful Tiles

Moroccan tiles, mosaics, granite tiles with contrasting veins are colourful tilings that can go on the floor or the walls and instantly add an eclectic vibe to the bathroom. Colourful tiles have various finishes, but people can opt for reflective tiles of porcelain or ceramic to create an illusion of vast space. Colourful tiles also offer intriguing design options as people can choose to create an overall effect with small tiles or buy tiles with a continuous pattern on them.


Indoor plants are all the rage worldwide, as more people are incorporating plants into their homes and office spaces. In the meantime, indoor plants in the bathroom are a unique addition, and this immediately brings a luxurious appeal to the bathroom. People can also maximise their creative potential while choosing pots for these plants that will suit the overall decor theme of the bathroom.

Wall Fixtures and Panels

One of the constraints people may face while redoing their bathrooms is the available space. Apartments and studios tend to have smaller, functional bathrooms that don’t allow for too much innovation. And one primary way to overcome space constraints is to opt for wall fixtures, leaving more floor space. Shelves and basins generally go on the wall, but people can also opt for hand showers and frameless showers, which take up less space. Additionally, adding panels into walls rather than using shelves is another aesthetic yet practical space-saving hack. Moreover, these panels can go anywhere, and people can choose to have them in any shape and size to store their various bathroom essentials.

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs are the latest bathroom decor trend today, and they offer a minimalist yet opulent vibe to the bathroom. A freestanding bathtub has space surrounding it and is usually the central focus of the bathroom decor. Besides, these bathtubs come in various shapes and sizes, and people can also find them in different designs and colours.

In short, aesthetic bathrooms are not an unachievable goal, with the various bathroom fixtures available in aesthetic and affordable ranges. Moreover, people can find any bathroom component in designs that suit their taste and effortlessly redo their bathrooms to reflect their aesthetics and creativity. is the best entertainment website in the word

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