Benefits of  no needle mesotherapy machines for spa owners


No needle mesotherapy uses ultrasound to push products all through the dermal layer of the skin with no use of a needle. The ultrasound will in turn enable the skin cells to become permeable and absorb additional vital nutrients from the active ingredients being used. Non-invasive mesotherapy is an all-inclusive replacementto regularmesotherapy where a substance is included in the subcutaneous tissue all through manymicro needle punctures, as an alternative to injecting it. Please read this article to know more information about the no needle mesotherapy machine.

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How amesotherapy machine works: 

High doses of lively molecules delivered to the deepest layers of the dermis where places of beauty creams cannot reach) induce fibroblasts to bring into being collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. This leads, after only one or two sessions, to renewed and radiant skin.This Methodhas been respected by Hollywood stars. Collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are the molecules that give the skin its Suppleness and obvious youthfulness. However, with age or due to hostility by free radicals (excess sunlight, smoke, chemicals, pollution, etc.) they reduce both in quality and quantity foremost to the growth of wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots.

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No needle mesotherapy machine or Electrophoresis therapy machine is a new advanced technology that works on a cellular level. The technology permits beauty professionals to deliver active anti-aging ingredients or, if required, medicine straight into the cells. Electroporation uses petite modulated pulses of a low current to produce passing aqueous pores in the skin. These applications of an electrical pulse momentarily disturb the cell membrane. This notable technological breakthrough allows the serum to be transferred directly to cells. The membrane itself remains unharmed and quickly recommences the previous form.

The injections are very helpful but they have all these downsides in familiaras they hurt, they must be given under strict medicinal conditions with precise injectable products that can have side effects such as inflammation and bruising. For this reason, more than the last few years, we have observed the evolution of a new class of devices that all have the same objectives of temporarily weakening the skin’s natural obstruction to allow the preferred molecules to penetrate deeper and in greater quantities.


A low-voltage current that pushes molecules of opposed polarity, like a magnet through the skin. Iontophoresis allows just the administration of small ionic compounds 


The utilize of ultrasound to push molecules into the skin. This method is considered extra powerful than iontophoresis and does not need polarized molecules or cocktails. Ultrasound is alike to an unseen force that pushes molecules into the skin.

Electroporation(electro mesotherapy):

this method is considered by many skilled to be the most powerful method of transdermal administration and well-known as needle-free mesotherapy.

Last word:

Hence now you can use the professional no needle mesotherapy machine to provide better services to your clients. It is the best treatment undeniably. This no needle mesotherapy machine will increase your customers as well as will expand your business. Please contact now for this effective machine. For sure this no needle mesotherapy machine must expand your business to a great extent.

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