Best 3 ways to convert PDF to PPTX

Right through this guide, we will have a detailed discussion about the best 3 ways to convert PDF to PPTX. Although converting PDF files into PPTX is just possible when you are available with friendly and easy to use tools by your side. 

There might be a point when you have to convert a PDF file into PPTX format, and for that sake, you should have great program or software access. A variety of tools or programs have been introduced in both paid and free versions. Free versions are an excellent choice, but they are sometimes restricted with the conversion services. For students, a free version is the best option. 

To help you convert PDF to PPTX, here, we will discuss the best 3 ways to convert PDF to PPTX. Let’s get into the discussion below: 

Which are the Best 3 ways to convert PDF to PPTX?


To easily convert PDF to PPTX, our top recommendation is ILOVEPDF. This free service tool is developed by Solid Framework for quick and easy conversion of your files with just one click. Hence, this tool is available with the free sign-up feature for a friendly interface to work with. 

You can use this platform either as a web installer or through the browser. Just open the official site, upload your load and in few seconds, you will have your new converted file in front of you. 

ILOVEPDF is available with various features such as rotating, page numbers, watermark, or editing your PDF file. To secure your file privacy, you can also add a password for the file. For both beginners and advanced professionals, we highly recommend using this converter tool.


On the second spot, we have the name, a friendly and free tool to use for easy conversion of PDF files into PPTX format. For beginners, this tool is highly recommended due to its friendly interface and smooth operation. It is free to use. No downloading or installation is required. 

In addition, it is compatible to use for different platforms and windows, which increases its popularity even more. Few of its additional functions rotate, connect, split or convert files in more than 50 supported formats. 

To convert a PDF file into PPTX, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, visit the official site of, after which a homepage will appear in front of you. 
  2. Select the PDF file or drag it on the conversion page. 
  3. Choose the PPTX option from the list of 50 formats to have your file converted. 
  4. Make some changes in the page size and the orientation. 
  5. Once the conversion is completed, you can download or export it to Dropbox or Google Drive.

3. TalkHelper PDF File Converter

Last comes the name of TalkHelper, which is a leading converter tool for your PDF files. Using this tool is not just restricted to converting PDF files into the PPTX. But you can grab a long list of supported formats available on this platform. 

In addition, it works offline. There is no need to worry about security or file privacy because you can upload your file directly offline without any internet connection. The tool also allows you to merge, extract, rotate or split specific pages of your interest from the PDF file. You can use some tools to sing an image online, such as CocoSign.

Hence, the interface and functionality of the tool to convert PDF to PPTX are extremely easy to do. You have to drag and drop your file into the conversion box, and that’s it. Although its conversion speed is high, it won’t show any effect on the quality of your new converted file! 

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