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Have you been searching for a BMW for sale? There are so many different options out there, multiple car marketplaces, thousands of car dealerships, and hundreds of thousands of private sellers.

However, there is a new vehicle marketplace out there that accepts cryptocurrency payments, AutoCoinCars! This unique automotive marketplace was established in 2018 and has been expanding within the UK to allow partnered vehicle dealerships to accept crypto payments for their stock.

BMWs are luxury cars that are perfect for someone who wants to purchase a car with a solid reputation that you can have a guaranteed reassurance of quality with.

These German cars have been in production for over 100 years so it is safe to say that BMW definitely knows what they’re doing!

BMW are also renowned for their reliability, sportiness, and high-end manufacturing. All this comes in a variety of styles and models, from coupes and sedans to SUVs.

The brand is also branching out into the realm of electric vehicles with its I-series. Notably, the BMW i8 has proven to be an extremely popular release in recent years. As well as having launched multiple hybrid models, BMW announced 2 new fully electric models in 2021.

So, what kind of BMWs do they have for sale?

AutoCoinCars has over 2000 approved used BMWs for sale. The models included in their stock include popular models such as the 1 series, 3 series and the X1.

With such a bountiful supply of BMWs across the UK you are bound to find one in your area within your budget. What comes next once you have found the BMW you love on their site?

The unique service of cryptocurrency payment processing that AutoCoinCars provides means that you can buy a BMW with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any of their other accepted cryptocurrencies.

Once you have found your perfect BMW you would contact the dealership to say that you want to buy a car with bitcoin, let them know which vehicle it is, arrange a viewing or test drive if you wish to as well.

Once you are satisfied with everything you will then sign up for a customer account via the AutoCoinCars website, this is so that ID checks can be done to verify the purchase. It’s super quick and easy to do!

The AutoCoinCars team will then contact you to welcome you onboard and talk you through the crypto payment process. The dealer will send them the invoice and you will settle the balance in your chosen cryptocurrency, e.g., bitcoin.

Everything is from there is so simple! AutoCoinCars will then convert the crypto into fiat, their service means that you and the dealer are free from any risks with the volatility of the market which takes all the stress and worry away from you.

They will then pay the dealer in GBP which will mean they can release the vehicle for you to take home! Nice and easy. The whole process is fast and secure.

Browse the range of BMW for sale on AutoCoinCars and buy a BMW with Bitcoin today!

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