Ceramic tiles in the bathroom and design of modern finishes

This article discusses in detail such a popular type of decoration as ceramic tiles in the bathroom: the advantages and disadvantages of the material, technical and decorative characteristics. The online bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style offers information about modern options for tile products of exciting design options, and interior solutions using this material.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom and product features

The bathroom belongs to the category of premises with special operating conditions. Such negative factors constantly influence wall decoration in it as high humidity and temperature extremes. The presence of constant dampness negatively affects the shape of the coating and creates optimal conditions for the development of fungi, mold, and other microorganisms that are dangerous to human health. Therefore, the choice of finishing should be approached thoroughly. Ceramic tiles are best suited for these purposes.

Why is it profitable to buy ceramic tiles for the bathroom as a decoration?

Ceramic tiles are the most demanded material for bathroom furnishings. This is due to the moisture resistance of the coating. Tile products are not inclined to accumulate moisture and dirt so that microorganisms harmful to people cannot multiply on their surface.

The surface of ceramic products does not absorb odors and is resistant to the influence of chemicals. This advantage allows you to remove dirt from the coating using any cleaning agent easily. At the same time, the tile can serve for several decades without losing its attractiveness. The most durable coating option is created based on products obtained using double-fired technology.

A considerable number of manufacturers and collections allow you to choose a beautiful finish that meets any buyer’s financial capabilities and needs. Unique bathroom vanities store New Bathroom Style, you can find both budget finishes and products of the elite class and modern vanities. Considering the practicality and long service life, buying ceramic tiles is much more profitable than purchasing other materials.

This type of coating is environmentally friendly and safe. Clay, which is of natural origin, is used as a raw material to produce tiles. There are almost no toxic substances in the material because most of them evaporate during the firing process under the influence of high temperatures. In addition, the tile is distinguished by the proper level of fire safety.

The coating is not an electrical conductor. This material property is an undoubted advantage for a modern bathroom, where appliances such as a hairdryer, washing machine, electric shaver, etc., are present.

Manufacturers offer products that differ from each other in the following parameters

  • colors;
  • invoice;
  • dimensions;
  • decorative design;
  • form

The modern market of finishing materials allows consumers to buy tiles with a simple design in a classic design. For the bathroom at no extra cost use exclusive product options to create a unique interior.

What are the disadvantages of ceramic tiles in the bathroom?

Like any finishing material, ceramic tiles have both advantages and disadvantages. The most crucial disadvantage of this coating is the laborious and complex installation system. Wall decoration with tiles is carried out exclusively on a flat surface, so you must work hard at the preparatory stage.

Difficulties also accompany the process of laying products. Even a slight discrepancy between the lines is not allowed. If the row turns out to be uneven, you will have to redo the work thoroughly. Otherwise, the masonry will be not only unattractive but also prone to rapid destruction.

Ceramic tiles can be used for flooring. However, this type of coating is rather slippery and cold, so the process of selecting the material, as well as its installation, becomes much more complicated. In the catalogs of ceramic tiles for a bath, you can find options for products with an anti-slip coating. The problem of cold floors can be solved only by resorting to additional tweaks. To do this, you will have to use a concrete screed with a heat-insulating layer or install the “warm floor” system. Both require financial costs.

Dirt gradually accumulates in the space of tile joints during operation. The seams darken and spoil the look of the finish. These areas are difficult to clean and can provide optimal conditions for bacteria to grow. To prevent this, you will have to monitor the cleanliness of the tile joints carefully and treat them with special antiseptics several times a year.

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