Choosing the Right Decorative Concrete’s Colour for Your Building

You should know that a construction project for a home requires months of extensive planning to ensure that every element moulds precisely how you wished it to be. Moving forward with the construction without proper planning is risky as there is a big chance you will be wasting valuable time, materials, and money. During the planning phase, one topic you will be discussing with your contractors is the concrete type you need for the project.

Out of the different types of concrete to choose from, you might want to consider choosing decorative concrete. Your property’s architectural and overall appeal is essential, and choosing the right concrete type can help you achieve that without a problem. You can find different choosing tips that will help get the right colour for the concrete.

Tip #1: Do not expect a perfect colour match

When people inspect concrete colours, they usually expect to find one that will match the surroundings. One tip you should know when choosing  is that you will most likely have difficulty finding the perfect shade that matches what you need. Note that most concrete colouring differs from paint, so you might avoid finding an exact match and start looking for an opposite one that complements it instead.

Some factors that contribute to the concrete’s hue are aggregate, weather elements, and surface, and that is why you will never find one with the same colour as its surroundings. When finding the right one, a good tip is to choose two or three shades lighter because its colour will potentially fade at some point.

Tip #2: Always consider the colour and pattern combo

One other excellent tip when choosing the colour of decorative concrete is determining whether its colour and pattern will match the building’s overall aesthetics. In most cases, contractors will refer to the colour palette and choose designs that lean more towards the concrete’s side since they can change the building or structure’s paint.

If you are confused about what concrete colour and pattern combo will suit your building’s appearance, it would be best to get inspiration from other designs. In most cases, you can go for patterns that work well with neutral coloured buildings like white or grey. Your contractors can also assist you in choosing the decorative concrete’s colour and pattern combo, saving you more time and stress in deciding yourself.

Tip #3: Avoid matching the concrete with your building’s colour

As mentioned earlier, finding a decorative concrete’s exact hue is impossible because of the many factors that can affect its colour. However, homeowners would go to lengths to ensure that the concrete would match the building’s shade. You should know that professional contractors are highly against that because it can create a bland and uninteresting building appearance.

In most cases, it can be an eyesore for some people when they look at the concrete and the building. You need to add variety to your building to achieve proper aesthetics. The only time you want to match your decorative concrete’s colour is when there are other hints of colours on the building that do not stand out too much.

Since you now have an idea about choosing the decorative concrete’s colour, ensure you get them from trustworthy suppliers after reviewing their projects.

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