Class 10th Science Exam: How to prepare using NCERT Books?

The class 10th science exam is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). In February or March, the class 10th science exam is conducted. This will be the first step towards higher studies and the future for all the students. The 10th class science exam contains both physics and chemistry and includes 16 chapters in total. Thus the syllabus is quite big and lengthy, for this reason, students need to maintain a proper timetable and follow it correctly. The 10th class science exam preparation tips with the help of NCERT books are provided in this article and this will help students to understand better and prepare properly.

Areas that Require Extra Attention

As students know that the 10th class science exam consists of three subjects – physics, chemistry, and biology. Each subject has certain areas that will require extra attention and preparation to score well in the 10th class science exam. Some of the areas for each subject is talked about in the below points:

  • Biology: In biology, you need to focus on the diagrams and practice them 2-3 times before the exam. Label the diagrams while practicing as it will help you to memorize better. Diagrams like plant cells, animal cells, etc. should be practiced.
  • Physics: In physics, you must learn all the equations and formulas and also learn how to implement them in the questions. Keep a separate copy or note for practicing these formulas and their derivations.
  • Chemistry: In chemistry, you have to give extra attention to the chemical reactions and their equations. 

Know about the pattern of the exam

Always know about the question pattern that is going to come in the exam. The class 10th science exam consists of MCQs, reasoning type, short answer type (1, and 2), and long answers. The number of questions in each section may vary a little.

Know about the marking scheme of the exam

In the class 10th science exam there will be 20 one mark questions, 6 two marks type 1 short answer questions, 7 three marks type 2 short answer questions, and 3 five marks long answer questions. The class 10th science exam paper is of 80 marks.

Tips for preparing 10th class Science exam using NCERT books


  • The class 10 chemistry syllabus contains 5 chapters. The syllabus is light and can be completed easily. In the class science exam, you can score well in this section and it’s easy to prepare. 
  • Make separate notes for practicing and memorizing the different formulas and equations from the chapter on chemical reaction and equations. Learn about the everyday applications of the reaction and the type of reactions that are present. Natural reactions like corrosion, rusting, etc.
  • Metals and non-metals are also an important chapter that must not be avoided as you can score more in this. The physical and chemical properties of the metals and non-metals should be studied properly along with their differences. Also learn the reactivity series of metals.
  • Another important chapter is acid, bases, and salts. Know the types of compound acids and bases and their strength. Focus on the production and uses of the chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, baking soda, POP, bleaching powder, etc. learn about the everyday application of the salts and their preparation.
  • Carbon and its compound is another important chapter that teaches about the behavior of carbon. The uses and production of the compounds are also important and must be studied by the students.


  • The class 10th physics syllabus also consists of 5 chapters. The physics section is very important for students who are willing to score well as the topics are relatively easy. Make separate notes for each chapter as it will benefit you during revision.
  • The chapter Light- Reflection and Refraction is very important and must be studied thoroughly. The image formation and uses of spherical mirrors must be studied. Different image formations for both concave and convex lenses must also be learned. Practice and understand the formulas. Don’t try to mug understand the concept it will be easier to solve the questions and gain a better depth of understanding on the subject.
  • Electricity is also an important chapter and will be also present in your higher classes. Learn all the laws and the combinations of the resistors.
  • Source of energy is the easiest chapter and will take less time to learn and prepare. Learn all the alternate sources of energy and types of sources of energy.
  • Magnetic effects of electric current are the chapter that students must give additional time and focus. Learn about the electric motor and electric generator. The magnetic field and lines along with the electromagnet and permanent magnet should also be studied.


  • The class 10th biology syllabus consists of 6 chapters. The biology section is very important for students who are willing to score well as the topics are relatively easy. Make separate notes for each chapter as it will benefit you during revision.
  • The chapter life process is a very easy chapter and can be learned quickly. The modes of nutrition both plants and animals must be studied. The respiration process in both animals and plants should also be given importance.
  • Our environment is also an easy chapter and you can score well in this chapter.

Along with understanding how and what to study so that your preparation for the 10th class science exam goes well, you also have to practice and solve the questions and stay dedicated. You can use the NCERT solution for the class 10th science book to study and solve the question.

Sample Papers

Sample papers are solved after the completion of a chapter and help you to learn the patterns and type of the questions that can come in the exam. Solving sample papers can improve your skill and time management capabilities. Solve the science sample papers after the completion of each section.


All the students who are appearing for the class 10th science exam must prepare well and try to follow the above tips. Practice and solve previous year’s papers as it will help you to understand the pattern and improve your accuracy. Well, there are no shortcuts so you have to practice a lot and stay dedicated.

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