Damages Covered in Wrongful Death Claims in Atlanta

Have you lost someone in your family or friends due to someone else’s mistake? Any death caused due to someone’s irresponsible conduct or negligence falls under wrongful death. It can become challenging for the family to cope with the loss and even deal with the daily bills. To compensate for the damages suffered by the family, the family can file wrongful death lawsuits. You may take help from the Atlanta top-rated personal injury law firm for filing a case. This blog will discuss damages covered in wrongful death claims in Atlanta. 

Damages from the accident date till the death date

The family may recover from the pain and suffering caused by the loss of their loved one’s death in the time frame between the accident and death. The medical bills, physician’s fees, prescription medicines, and the family’s financial loss must be compensated by the person at fault or his insurance company.

Costs for Funeral

The family is entitled to ask for all the expenses related to the cremation and funeral rituals. This compensation includes the cost of death certificates, moving the body from the hospital to the graveyard, funeral home charges, and casket charges. Other than this, the minister’s fees for memorial services and headstone charges are also covered. The family can claim the complete cremation rituals compensation.

Loss of the family

Only a family knows the importance of the lost person in their lives. If the deceased person were an earning member, his income and contribution to the family would be compensated. Consortium losses include compensation for the love and affection that the dead would have provided to his family. Encouragement to children by a parent and the support provided by a spouse can also be compensated in currency.

Who can Claim

Usually, close family members are the ones who can claim compensation for the wrongful death of their loved ones. The deceased’s spouse, children, and parents can file the claim in court. They can file the claim on their own or can seek a piece of advice from a personal injury attorney. The claim will cover monetary compensation and consortium compensation.


Nothing can be more heartbreaking than the loss of a loved one. Family members may need time to recover from the pain and suffering caused and consider filing for compensation. The family should make the compensation claim at the earliest.

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