Different Compensation You Are Eligible For In A Dog Bite Injury

A dog bit can create significant injuries and damage. However, the victims are eligible to receive compensation for the damages if they believe that the dog attack was unprovoked. You will receive financial reimbursement for your lost wages, injuries, and other losses. Depending on the bite location, the spot pain, and the victim’s age, the amount of compensation is determined. 

Several factors determine the fair settlement amount for a dog bite injury. The victim should contact glastonbury dog bite attorney to explore legal options and receive maximum compensation for the damage.

Different compensation you are eligible for in a dog bite injury

Like any other personal injury, the victim is entitled to receive compensation for the following.

  1. Lost wages include the potential to earn money in the future if the victim has been left paralyzed permanently.
  2. Receive compensation for medical expenses, including surgeries, stitches, medicines, or follow-up care.
  3. Physical or emotional pain, nightmares, emotional trauma, etc. 

You are eligible to receive compensation for the following damages.

  • Medical bills

The victim’s medical bills are verified using statements from the physician’s office or the hospital. If you expect that you need future medical treatments for the damages, the testimony from your physician will give a ballpark figure for the future expenses. In Glastonbury, if the medical bills paid to the victim by the health insurance provider are lower than the actual medical bills, the insurance company will calculate the lower amount to determine the medical expenses.

  • Pain and suffering damages

Pain and suffering damages cannot be calculated by payments or loss of employment. The damages include physical and emotional pain and trauma from dog bite injuries. Since dollars cannot value traumas, the insurance company will primarily minimize the victim’s pain and suffering. 

  • Lost wages

When victims have to take some time off from their work for medical treatment or surgeries, they are entitled to receive compensation for the lost work. The lost wages will be determined from your current earnings. 

Insurance coverage for the injury

Not every dog bite will get you compensated for your injury. The bites can also occur from stray dogs or dogs whose owners are unknown. In that case, no source of funds will be available for compensation except for possible medical insurance provided by the dog bite victim. 

Protect your right to compensation

If you or someone you know has been in a dog bite injury, the first step is to protect your compensation right by enlisting the services of a professional and skilled personal injury attorney. 

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